WorldCat Metadata API Integration in MarcEdit

Terry Reese recently posted about his experience integrating the WorldCat Metadata API into MarcEdit. There are a lot of benefits for our mutual users, but the bottom line is that it just makes life easier for catalogers who can now choose to set holdings or create or update bib records in WorldCat as they process record sets in MarcEdit. This incredibly useful integration, inspired by user demand, powerfully illustrates exactly the kinds of things we want to enable via the WorldShare Platform. 

Steve Meyer and John Chapman have both been working closely with Terry on this integration and it's been a good learning process for us as well.  Terry's willingness to share his feedback on the API documentation and perspective on his users' expectations have been really helpful. We're working through that feedback and working on some ways to improve some of the pain points he identified, including adding eligibility information to the documentation.

If you're just coming up to speed on things, here are few additional resources to check out:

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For those of you who are currently working on projects with the Metadata API - or thinking about getting started - we want to hear from you! Tell us what you plan to do with the API and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.  You can always reach us at DevNet[AT]

Note: Be sure to review the WorldCat Metadata API changes in the upcoming 28 December release.