How to Explore WorldCat Linked Data

The linked data being published from WorldCat is viewable in the new WorldCat Linked Data Explorer interface.  It’s a simple-to-use html view of a linked data description for a particular entity.  Anyone used to viewing bibliographic data will see that this is a very different view of things. It is mostly URIs, the only visible strings are for certain elements like name or description. This is not designed as an end-user interface; it is designed as a data exploration tool.

The data displayed in the WorldCat Linked Data Explorer interface is grouped into sections based on property.  Each section can be opened or closed separately.  Click on the ‘Open All’ button to view everything or the ‘Close All’ button to hide everything. There are links at the top of the page that will take you to alternative RDF serializations of the data.

What you get

The WorldCat Linked Data Explorer gives you the ability to:

  • View any WorldCat entity published as linked data
  • Easily switch to other RDF serializations of the data
  • Link to related entities and data sources

How to use it

Simply enter the URI for the specific entity you want to explore into your favorite browser.  The base URI will default to the Explorer’s HTML representation of that entity’s concise bounded description.  As an example, here is the URI for the Work ‘Go Set A Watchman’:

If you want to retrieve another serialization directly, you can simply add one of the extensions listed below to the base URI for response format you prefer.  As an example, here are the URIs for the same work in a Turtle and N-Triples document format:

Response Formats

  • Turtle (.ttl)
  • N-Triples (.nt)
  • JSON-LD (.jsonld)
  • RDF/XML (.rdf)
  • HTML (default or .html)

What's next

We are actively seeking feedback on these efforts. Please Email us with questions or take some time to provide us with feedback. Your comments, suggestions, and critiques will help inform our activities as we continue to make more entities available.