How do I manage Shared Print in the Metadata API 2.0?

Prerequisites: OCLC Metadata API Key

Add or update a Shared Print flag for a Local Holdings Record (LHR)

Using MARCXML or textual MARC 21, create (POST) or replace (PUT) an LHR using the Manage Local Holdings Records functionality in https://developer.api.oclc.org/wc-metadata-v2#/Manage%20Local%20Holdings%20Records

Add or edit a MARC 583 field with the following indicators and subfields

  1. Indicators as necessary for your content (See MARC Rules for LHRs https://www.oclc.org/bibformats/en/5xx/583.html)
  2. (Required) 583 $a committed to retain
    the data in the $a must match the exact phrase committed to retain
  3. (Optional) Add additional subfields to the 583 field as needed if updating your retention commitment. 
    • 583 $c Start date of your retention commitment (required)
    • 583 $d Expiration date of your retention commitment (required)
    • Note: The date format for this subfield is YYYYMMDD    
    • 583 $f Archiving Program Name (required)
    • 583 $j Site of Action (optional)
    • 583 $u URL to Documentation for Archiving Program (optional)
    • 583 $z Public note (optional)
    • 583 $5 Archiving Institution (optional)
  4. (Optional) Remove fields 876 or 852 $h and $i if they are not applicable.

Remove a Shared Print flag from a Local Holdings Record (LHR)

Replace (PUT) an LHR and remove the MARC 583 field; or, Remove (DELETE) the entire LHR, if applicable

Additional Resources

About Shared Print: https://help.oclc.org/Metadata_Services/Shared_Print

Managing Shared Print via an LHR in WorldShare Record Manager: https://help.oclc.org/Metadata_Services/Shared_Print/Work_with_Shared_Print_retention_commitments/Add_a_Shared_Print_commitment_to_a_LHR

Shared Print Group setup: https://help.oclc.org/Metadata_Services/Shared_Print/Troubleshooting/How_can_my_group_get_set_up_to_add_Shared_Print_registrations