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How the WorldCat knowledge base is used in OCLC services

WorldCat knowledge base data enables discovery and delivery of library resources for information seekers in a number of OCLC services. It also automates and adds efficiency to library processes that help library staff save time. OCLC service functionality supported by the WorldCat knowledge base includes:

Automatic delivery of MARC records and maintenance of WorldCat holdings for your library's electronic collections

Libraries that use OCLC WorldShare Metadata collection management automatically manage WorldCat holdings and receive MARC records for WorldCat knowledge base holdings with ongoing daily updates. This provides your users with seamless access to e-books and other electronic and digitized materials via your catalogue and other discovery tools. When you use this tool:

  • Your staff profiles your collections in the WorldCat knowledge base once, and then WorldCat holdings maintenance and MARC record output become automatic daily as collections change, saving huge amounts of time and effort.
  • Your library receives WorldCat MARC records customized to meet local practices with library-specific URLs included, saving staff the trouble of additional editing or merging records from multiple sources.
  • Your library receives updated and deleted WorldCat MARC records when access to titles change in your WorldCat knowledge base collection, or when URLs, proxy server information or knowledge base notes are modified. This improves access and ensures that users don't encounter broken links when searching, ensuring user satisfaction and return on the investment you have made in your collections.

Integrated link resolution in a full-featured license management solution

OpenURL resolution in the OCLC WorldShare License Manager service is powered by data in the WorldCat knowledge base. License Manager goes beyond link resolution to provide a central location for managing the license terms and vendor contact information required for management of electronic resources. It includes a globally-maintained vendor information center and templates for global management of public and shared licensing terms. By combining the WorldCat Knowledge Base, link resolution and full-featured license and subscription management in a single service,  License Manager saves time and streamlines workflows in the critical area of eContent delivery.

OpenURL resolution in WorldCat Local

The WorldCat knowledge base enables inbound and outbound OpenURL linking and an A to Z journal list in the Local service, meaning better access to content direct from search results.

Easy access to electronic resources from WorldCat Local search results

WorldCat Local users can link quickly to electronic content such as full-text articles and e-books from brief search results when a library's holdings data is in the WorldCat knowledge base. A "View Now" link connects users to full-text articles, e-books and open-access objects. This feature:

  • Simplifies access to items available through libraries' database subscriptions and in popular digital collections
  • Eliminates multiple, often confusing clicks previously required to obtain online articles
  • Improves the user workflow and ultimately drives more traffic to your electronic resources

WorldCat Local functionality enabled by the WorldCat knowledge base is available at no additional charge for libraries that subscribe to WorldCat Local, once they have loaded local data into the knowledge base.

Quick and easy sharing of your electronic content

WorldCat Resource Sharing subscribers benefit from use of the WorldCat knowledge base with:

  • Fast and easy delivery of online articles from your collections
  • Efficient sharing of electronic resources without having to manually locate and retrieve needed items, saving staff time and reducing turnaround time for users from days to minutes
  • Fewer loan requests for electronic items your library already owns

This functionality is available at no additional charge for libraries that use WorldCat Resource Sharing, once they have loaded data in the WorldCat knowledge base.