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Mapping new LCSH with DDC numbers

Note: We have temporarily suspended mapping new Library of Congress Subject Headings to suggested DDC numbers to make room for a project to add DDC numbers to the authority records for BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) subject headings. We will resume LCSH-DDC mappings in 2011.

Here you can browse new Library of Congress Subject Headings with suggested DDC numbers for recent topics that are not explicitly mentioned in the current edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system. The Dewey editorial team selects LC subject headings from recent Weekly Lists that are accompanied by candidate numbers from the current DDC edition. The list of DDC numbers is not exhaustive, and you should also consult the DDC schedules and tables before applying a number from this list.

These lists of LC subject headings were selected from recent Weekly Lists accompanied by candidate DDC numbers from Edition 22. Beginning with Weekly Lists 2004, the headings selected include all LCSH originally recommended by non-U.S. libraries (with the exception of family names). The headings from non-U.S. libraries are marked with an asterisk (*). The purpose of the lists is to provide classifier assistance for topics of recent interest not mentioned explicitly in Edition 22. The DDC numbers listed are not exhaustive, and the schedules and tables should be consulted before applying a number from the lists.

Thank you for your interest in the DDC. Ongoing access to all updates to the DDC and to the complete list of LCSH/DDC postings is available through WebDewey services. An archive of LCSH postings since 2003 is available through OCLC’s Digital Archive.

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