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Research: A vital part of ongoing development

OCLC is committed to ongoing research that enhances the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system for current and future users. The OCLC Office of Research has several projects under way to investigate many open research questions, including the ongoing development of the DDC, alternative structures, tools and rules for application, automatic classification and new uses for the DDC.

Knowledge Organization Research
The OCLC Office of Research has been involved in research on information organization using library classification systems like the DDC for many years. The growth of the Internet and World Wide Web is motivating OCLC researchers to explore new roles for traditional library information organization systems as knowledge organizing tools for electronic resources.

The Scorpion Project
Scorpion is a project of the OCLC Office of Research exploring the indexing and cataloging of electronic resources. Since subject information is key to advanced retrieval, browsing, and clustering, the primary focus of Scorpion is the building of tools for automatic subject recognition based on well-known schemes like the DDC.

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