More ways to connect your users with WorldCat®

 Send out an email announcement.

Do you regularly distribute a styled or textual email to your users? Use the message below to let them know about WorldCat.org searching.

Distribute a press release.

Customizable press release

Customize and send this press release to your community newspapers, local websites, TV stations and other media.


Use the WorldCat permalink in blog postings and tweets, and link into WorldCat to encourage library use.

Promote the WorldCat and CiteMe apps in Facebook (and "like" WorldCat).

Post updates to Facebook with links to lists of the latest additions to your collections.  

Update your WorldCat Registry profile.

Download the WorldCat Mobile pilot app.

Upload a "Why I Love WorldCat" video to YouTube.

One Minute Article - Why I Love WorldcatWHY I LOVE WORLDCAT.ORGWhy I Love WorldCat.org

Request a WorldCat Search API key and use it.