Contributing to VIAF


VIAF Contributors include institutions from many countries, including national libraries. Most institutions contribute their full bibliographic and authority records to VIAF and follow up regularly with updates to ensure the continued usefulness of VIAF.

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Admission policies

The VIAF Council sets policies regarding the eligibility and selection of new VIAF Contributors. Interested institutions should review these guidelines before applying to participate.

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Applying to participate

Institutions interested in contributing to VIAF should complete the online application. OCLC will then contact the institution’s point of contact to arrange the delivery of authority record test files to match against existing VIAF authority clusters.

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Contribution guidelines

Upon acceptance as a VIAF Contributor, the institution enters into an agreement with OCLC to provide its full bibliographic and authority files as well as regular updates. The institution can also appoint a representative to the VIAF Council. To assist Contributors, the VIAF Council has developed best practices for contributing records VIAF.

Download the VIAF Contributing Guidelines