OCLC partners with SCELC to advance diversity in shared print using Choreo Insights library analytics

Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium project will help develop best practices to enhance the diversity of participants and collections in shared print programs

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DUBLIN, Ohio, 16 May 2023—OCLC is partnering with the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) to use OCLC's new Choreo Insights library analytics solution to help identify ways to enhance diversity in shared print collections in order to retain and preserve valuable materials of interest in underrepresented communities.

As a part of the project, "Community Strategies to Expand Diversity and Inclusivity in the Collective Collection of Shared Print," SCELC is conducting an analysis designed to inform development of national best practices for shared print programs. The aim is to expand inclusion of minority-serving institutions and evaluate the diversity of collective and prospective collections. This work includes metadata analysis of diversity metrics, such as the representation of minority researchers and books about minority communities.

SCELC will use OCLC's Choreo Insights to evaluate the diversity and uniqueness of the library collections of approximately 30 minority-serving institutions. Choreo Insights will allow SCELC to compare distinct and overlapping print book collections from minority-serving and non-minority-serving institutions. Choreo Insights will also look at the minority-serving collections and highlight the rare and unique collections in the ethnic studies areas they represent.

"Understanding the diversity represented in library collections is critical to removing obstacles to shared print program participation for minority-serving institutions (MSIs)," said Dr. Teri Oaks Gallaway, Executive Director, SCELC. "Using Choreo Insights, we seek to understand and describe the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of underrepresented communities in the collective collection. Evaluating diversity in these collections is a necessary step towards creating more inclusive and representative collections that reflect the diverse experiences and perspectives of our society."

Choreo Insights makes it possible for libraries to analyze collections using Library of Congress classifications, FAST subject headings, and more to enable institutions to explore how their collections measure up to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals and aspirations. Libraries can also use Choreo Insights to map collections directly to academic programs using Classification of Institutional Programs (CIP) mapping. 

"OCLC is excited to partner with SCELC to evaluate the diversity of collections in ways that contribute to the overall preservation of a diverse and inclusive collaborative collection," said Mary Sauer-Games, OCLC Vice President, Global Product Management. "This important work will have tremendous impact on the development of best practices for shared print programs."

This multi-year project will continue to examine how diverse institutions contribute to collection diversity. Read more about the project.

About Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC)

Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation established in 1986 to develop resource sharing and licensing among the libraries of private academic institutions in Southern California. Today, SCELC represents a diverse community of 110+ Member and 230+ Affiliate institutions and organizations across multiple states, and is one of the top five consortia in licensing volume in all of North America. SCELC's portfolio of consortial licensing, programming, and services is enabled by our commitment to building relationships and nurturing networks between our libraries and with our vendor and publisher partners, as well as our mission to empower librarians to collaborate on access to and the effective use of library resources and services.

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