What does it take to become a “smarter library”?

Join fellow OCLC member leaders at the Asia Pacific Regional Council meeting and address the challenge of supporting increasingly personalized customer relationships while also scaling to meet growth in population, materials and expectations. We live in the age of Alexa, big data, autonomous cars, smart everything. What does this mean for libraries, their services and their value and values? Together we’ll look at how “smarter libraries” can remake user experiences to be more customized, effective and intuitive. We’ll investigate ways to leverage data to improve both services and outcomes. And we’ll see how, by applying and strengthening our professional values, libraries can strengthen the communities they serve. All with the never-ending requirement to innovate and reimagine every facet of the library.

Together we will:

Reimagine customer experiences

Be more personalized, effective and intuitive

Leverage data

Improve services and outcomes

Confirm professional values

Strengthen the communities you serve

Innovate continuously

Keep pace with change

We hope you’ll join us for this exciting event held in the vibrant city of Tokyo. The active two-day agenda was designed for attendees representing all library types, and will feature thought leaders from within and outside of the library community, including library colleagues and OCLC leadership. This is your opportunity to connect with fellow library leaders to share ideas, learnings and insights.

Member-driven programming

The programming and agenda at APRC17 are led by the Asia Pacific Executive Committee, composed of respected leaders from the library community. We sincerely appreciate their expertise and partnership.

Photo: Craig Anderson


Craig Anderson

Deakin University, Australia

Photo: Shirley Chiu-wing Wong

Vice Chair

Shirley Chiu-wing Wong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Photo: Kuang-hua Chen


Kuang-hua Chen

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Photo: Howard Amos

Howard Amos

University of Otago, New Zealand

Photo: Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Waseda University, Japan

Photo: Paul Poon

Paul Poon

University of Macau, Macau

Photo: Jaesun Lee

Jaesun Lee

National Library of Korea, Korea

Photo: DG Rukiah AG Amit

DG Rukiah AG Amit

University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Photo: Shuqing Chu

Shuqing Chu

Hangzhou Public Library, China

Special thanks to Professor Fukazawa, Library Director at Waseda University Library, and member of the OCLC Asia Pacific Executive Committee, and his staff, for welcoming us and the Asia Pacific library community for this event.

Logo: Waseda University

OCLC is proud and grateful to cooperate with Kinokuniya for the organization of the event. Established in 1927, Kinokuniya Company Ltd. is one of the largest bookstore chains in Japan.

Logo: Books Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya is also working as a subscription agent contributing to the development of Japanese academia while having business relationships with more than 3,000 publishers and academic societies worldwide. It represents renowned publishing houses and content providers, including Cambridge University Press, the MIT Press, The American Physical Society, Annual Reviews, ProQuest and Gale. Kinokuniya has been a distribution agent of OCLC since 1986, and it continues to help spread not just OCLC's products and services, but also its core values to Japanese libraries.

About OCLC membership

All libraries—both OCLC members and non-member institutions—within the Asia Pacific region can take part in the OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC). Representatives from OCLC member libraries are encouraged to attend member meetings and community activities, to share insights through various member forums and channels, and to participate in elections and governance. Learn more about APRC and OCLC governance.