WorldCat Search API 1.0 transition resources 

For more than 15 years, the WorldCat Search API 1.0 has enabled integration of WorldCat data into local library applications. Now WorldCat Search API 2.0 and other more contemporary full-featured OCLC APIs provide superior user experiences, including: 

  • A uniform understandable data model using JSON for data exchange.
  • Modern authentication technology patterns of OAuth 2.0 to support different types of client applications. 
  • Enhanced features like facets and access to additional library data to support integration in today’s discovery interfaces. 
  • Additional search options and indexes for precise searching. 

Recommended transition paths 

We encourage you to implement alternate OCLC solutions for your primary uses of the WorldCat Search API 1.0. 

Current WorldCat Search API 1.0 use 

Recommended alternative 

Extract metadata from WorldCat for use in a local system 

WorldCat Metadata API 2.0

Obtain data to build citations 

Citation API

Embed WorldCat data into a local discovery service 

WorldCat Search API 2.0

Collection analytics (compare holdings with other OCLC members) 

Choreo Insights service 

Build URLs to a local catalog 

Access Options API

Bibliometrics (Analyze bibliographic data for patterns) 

WorldShare Collection Manager – query collections

*Included in WorldCat Discovery Premium API package

Compare functionality in WorldCat Search API 1.0, WorldCat Search API 2.0, and the WorldCat Discovery Premium API package

Compare functionality in WorldCat Search API 1.0 and WorldCat Metadata API 2.0 for obtaining MARC metadata

Support for your transition 

Our API team is committed to supporting your transition from version 1.0 of the WorldCat Search API to a newer OCLC API or service.

Learn from an API expert: