How Are You Using the WMS Acquisitions API?

OCLC Developer Network community, we need your input. If you have either used or considered using the WMS Acquisitions API, we want your guidance as we look at re-designing our existing order, order item, and copy end-points for the API.
The change we are making includes, among other things, a new schema and URL pattern, which is already in place for Budgets and Invoices.  As our design process continues, we are soliciting any use cases you have - whether they are based on what you'd like to see or on existing functionality.

If you have already provided a use case, thank you. We are using your feedback in our approach to the new design. You are still welcome to follow up with us to add further details or variations.

You can either use our Contact Us form or just drop us an email at We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the development process and look forward to learning more about how you'd like to put the WMS Acquisitions API to work in your library.