Register for the WorldCat Knowledge Base API Workshop on 29 Oct, 2013

I'm excited to announce the second event in our API Workshop series - the WorldCat knowledge base API Workshop. If you missed the first one, the WorldCat Metadata API Workshop, check out the Slides (PDF) or the Workshop Recording (WebEx). 

The WorldCat knowledge base API provides developer-level access to your library's information in the WorldCat knowledge base through REST and OpenURL.

Are you a little foggy on what this API is, or not sure what you might want to do with it? Don't have a lot of time to figure it out? That's why we've designed these workshops to cover just enough to get you jump started in your investigation - or better yet, implementation - of this API. Join us for an hour to see:

  • Overview of features
  • Suggested use cases
  • Look at a production app
  • Code walk-through
  • Q & A

We're particularly happy to have Jeff Carter and Brian Cassidy from the University of New Brunswick join us for this one. They'll show you the API in action in a couple of their production services and a look at their code. 

Register now and see what you can do with the WorldCat knowledge base API!