OCLC WorldShare Platform

A Framework for Developer Usability

The WorldShare Platform is our way of providing a consistent and usable experience for developers seeking to access the data and functionality available in OCLC's data sets, web services and APIs. Our platform relies upon a set of guiding architectural principles that create consistency among our Web services, ensuring that you can spend your time building and innovating.

Where available, OCLC strives to implement our APIs according to the specifications defined in existing standards. The adherence to standard is evident in the WMS Circulation interoperability in our NCIP APIs or the Web Service Key infrastructure's OAuth roots.

When we find it necessary to implement original API functionality for OCLC data and services, our web services adhere to OCLC's Open Platform Data Protocol. Our data protocol provides a level of consistency and common patterns across the web services so that developers can gain momentum by not having to learn a new programming paradigm for common functionality.

Learn more about the OCLC Web Services Strategy.

Access to Library Data, Functionality & Experimentation

The APIs, web services and data sets available from OCLC fall into a few general categories:

  • WorldCat Data
  • WorldShare InterLibrary Loan
  • WorldShare Management Systems
  • Research & Experimentation

WorldCat Data

WorldCat data and functionality is available through web services, APIs and Linked Data. Libraries today have unprecedented access to search, access and contribute to the world's largest cooperative library catalog and the flexibility to innovate in ways previously mediated by a small number of systems and user interfaces.

Learn more about WorldCat data related to metadata management, electronic resources and even libraries themselves.

WorldShare ILL

If there is one thing libraries have always excelled at doing, it is finding creative ways to facilitate sharing and cooperative access to collections. Through our ILL suite of APIs, OCLC is working with libraries and partners to facilitate article sharing and resource sharing policies.

WorldShare Management Systems

As OCLC builds out its innovative cloud-based management systems, we also strive to provide machine readable access to the data and functionality libraries need to operate efficiently. Learn how WMS customers and partners can access data and functionality for the acquisitions, circulation and management of another day in the library.

Lean more about WMS data related to acquisitions, item availability, pulllists, circulation operations, and patron account information.

Research & Experimentation

In addition to all of these great opportunities to assist libraries' work with modern web-based information technology, OCLC continues to do a little innovation of its own. Numerous web services are available that explore our experiments reimagining subject headings, the relationships between bibliographic items or the harvesting of identities and transformation of library authority files into linked data.