License Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The License Resource supports six operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
List https://{institutionId} GET
Create https://{institutionId} POST
Read https://{institutionId}{licenseId} GET
Update https://{institutionId}{licenseId} PUT
Delete https://{institutionId}{licenseId} DELETE
Search https://{institutionId}{LicenseName} GET

HTTP Accept Types

HTTP Request Content Types


More information about the proper structure of XML made as part of POST and PUT requests can be found in the License Schema.


Below is a list of all the possible parameters that can be used as part of the copy resource:

Parameter Required Description Expected Values
q No Refer to the query indices table below.  




What index item to start the collection at.  
itemsPerPage No How many collection items to return per request.

Default is 10.

Max value is 25.

licenseStatus No Status of the license.
  • current
  • expired
  • pending
subscriptionType No Type of subscription the license is associated with.
  • standard
  • trial_period
  • free_temporarily
fetchDetails No Whether or not to retrieve license's collection information, documents, bookmarks, terms and comments.
  • true
  • false
Default is true.

Query Indices

Index Description
licenseName The name of the license to be viewed
vendorName The name of the vendor the license is with
collectionName The name of the collection being licensed
collectionId The id of the collection being licensed

License Resource Fields

Below is a table listing all the allowed values and content of each data type in the License Management Schema, this should be used as a quick reference into required attributes and values, however more in depth details can be found using the accompanying XSD file.

Name Mandatory Accepted Values Description
  Add Edit    
id No Yes   Universally Unique Identifier for a license. Generated when the license is created. Required while updating a license.
name Yes Yes String License name
subscriptionType Yes Yes

Acceptable Values are -

STANDARD - For a standard subscription

FREE_TEMPORARILY - For a temporarily free subscription

TRIAL_PERIOD - For a trial period subscription

PERPETUAL - For a perpetual or never ending subscription

By default the subscription type is STANDARD

starts Yes Yes


MM/dd/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss

The license start date. Can be updated only if the license has never been renewed.
expires Yes Yes


MM/dd/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss

The license end date. Can be updated only if the new date is after the last renewal period start date. End date should always be greater than the start date of the last subscription period. This date is not needed in case of PERPETUAL licenses.
active Yes Yes true or false Default value - false. The license is activated (current) on the start date only if the active flag is set to true. If the active flag is false, the license will be in a pending status even if the start date for the license has arrived.
signed No No true or false Default value - false. Indicates if the license was signed
dateSigned No No


MM/dd/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss

The date on which the license was signed.
renewByDate No No


MM/dd/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss

The date by which the license must be renewed.
description No No String Text giving more information about the license


No No   Details of the user creating this license. This information is not mandatory as it is also obtained from the platform's security context.
createdBy/id       PPID of the person creating the license
createdBy/name       Name
createdBy/institutionId     Integer
Institution Identifier
collections Yes Yes   List of collections
collections/collection Yes Yes   The Knowledge Base collection. A license should have at least one KB collection
collections/collection/id Yes Yes   The collection UID that uniquely identifies this collection in Knowledge Base
terms No No   List of terms
terms/term/type Yes Yes String

If a term is present on a license, the term type is a necessary field. Term types include:

Citation_Requirement, Term_Note, Archival_Copy_Provided, License_Delivery_Instruction, Maintenance_Window, Performance_Warranty, Usage_Statistics, Confidentiality_of_Agreement, Cure_Period_for_Breach, Completeness_of_Content_Clause, Concurrency_with_Print_Version_Clause, Content_Warranty, Intellectual_Property, Licensee_Indemnity, Licensor_Indemnity, Applicable_Copyright_Law, Clickwrap_Modification_Clause, Database_Protection_Override_Clause, Fair_Use_Clause, All_Rights_Reserved, Governing_Jurisdiction, Licensee_Termination_Right, Licensor_Termination_Right, Termination_Right, Accessibility_Compliance, Authorized_Users, Restrict_Current_Users, Copying_and_Sharing, Course_Materials, Distance_Education, Electronic_Linking, Interlibrary_Loan, Post-Cancellation_Access, Public_Performance, Remote_Access, Confidentiality_of_User_Information, Text_Mining, Custom Term

Term descriptions

terms/term/termValue No No TermValue for text terms should not take more than 5000 characters. The value depends on the type of term. For standard terms like Archival_Copy_Provided the value may be "Yes, No or Silent". For Text terms the value is any text string.
terms/term/name N/A N/A String This field is only applicable to Custom Terms. Custom terms need a name as the type cannot uniquely identify the term
terms/term/description N/A N/A String Applicable only to Custom Terms
terms/term/subTerms No No   List of sub terms
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm No No   Sub term in a license term
Yes Yes String

Example: the Archival_Copy_Provided term has the following sub terms -

  • Format
  • Additional_Rights_And_Restrictions
  • Note
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm/options No No   List of options

No No   The option in a subterm
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm/options/option/name Yes Yes String The sub term option name
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm/options/option/value No No String The option value
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm/options/option/optionMetadata No No   The option metadata list
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm/options/option/optionMetadata/metadata No No   The option metadata
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm/options/option/optionMetadata/metadata/name No No String Metadata name
/terms/term/subTerms/subTerm/options/option/optionMetadata/metadata/value No No String Metadata Value. Must be present if there is a metadata element.
/terms/term/notes No No   Comments on a term. All terms support multiple notes.
/terms/term/notes/note No No    
/terms/term/notes/note/id No No   The note id is not mandatory. If present, it is used to update a note.
Yes Yes   If the Note element is present, a note is mandatory.
No No    
licenseComments/licenseComment No No    
licenseComments/licenseComment/content Yes Yes String If a license comment is present, the content is mandatory
licenseComments/licenseComment/id No No String The UUID for the comment. If this is present, the comment will be updated. If not present then the comment will be added. Any previous comment that is not in the list of comments will be deleted from the license.


Example URLs

Retrieve all licenses from institution 128807 starting from the first record, limiting result to 10:

Retrieve licenses with the name "My License" from institution 128807:


Retrieve the first 5 active licenses that contain a collection named ”Physics”:


Retrieve licenses for the Collection with the ID "safari.teach" from institution 128807:


Read a single license with ID 22035103-bab7-47f2-b174-4b6e2d70d20d for institution 128807:


Retrieve the first 50 licenses from institution 128807 and skips collection information, documents, bookmarks, terms and comments: