WorldCat Metadata API

The WorldCat Metadata API is a read-write service for WorldCat that makes it possible to add or update master bibliographic records in WorldCat, maintain holdings information, and work with local bibliographic data.

  • Status: Production
  • Sandbox access: Yes

This service allows libraries to write MARCXML bibliographic records to WorldCat, either as new records or updated records that are replacing existing records. Existing WorldCat bibliographic records can be accessed with a read operation. The API enables an institution to set and delete its holdings on WorldCat bibliographic records. Local bibliographic data records can be created, read, updated, and deleted.

What you get

Included with the WorldCat Metadata API is API access to WorldCat with:

  • WorldCat bibliographic records
  • Local bibliographic data records
  • Set and delete WorldCat holdings

Who can use it

  • Libraries that maintain an OCLC Cataloging subscription.

Authentication & Authorization

The WorldCat Metadata API supports the WSKey HMAC Signature and Access Token patterns.

WorldCat Metadata API requests require attribution to a WorldShare user with a valid Cataloging role. Details about on user-level authorization are available in the authentication and authorization overview.