OPAC Record  Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The WMS Availability API Resource supports one operation.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Read https://worldcat.org/circ/availability/sru/service?x-registryId={institutionRegistryID}&query=no:{oclcNumber} GET

HTTP Responses


Parameter Required Description
x-registryId Yes WorldCat Registry ID of institution whose availability is being checked
Yes   A CQL query for the OCLC Number
x-return-group-availability No Whether or not to return group availability information. Default is to not return group availability

Availability Fields

Below is a table listing all the allowed values and content of each data type in the holdings element of the OPAC response, this should be used as a quick reference into required attributes and values. The output is modelled on a Z39.50 holding response

typeOfRecord Yes The type  comes from the MARC Holdings LDR 06
encodingLevel Yes The encoding level of record comes from the MARC LDR 017
format Yes The format comes from the MARC Holdings 007
receiptAcqStatus Yes The acquisitions receipt status from the MARC Holdings 008 06
generalRetention Yes General retention policy from the MARC Holdings 008 12
Yes Completeness from the MARC Holdings 008 16
dateOfReport Yes Date of report from the MARC Holdings 008
Yes Location from the MARC Holdings 852 $a
Yes Sublocation or collection from the MARCHoldings 852 $b
Yes Shelving Location from the MARC Holdings 852 $c
callNumber Yes Call number from the MARC Holdings 852 $h
copyNumber Yes Copy number from the MARC Holdings 852 $t
enumAndChron No Summary enumerations and chronology information for serial
volumes Yes Element that contains the volumes if the item has any
Element that contains the information for each volume
volumes/volume/enumeration No Periodical enumeration information
volumes/volume/chronology No Periodical chronology information
volumes/volume/enumAndChron No Periodical enumeration/chronology information
circulations Yes Element that contains circulation elements
circulations/circulation Yes Element that contains circulation information for each volume
circulations/circulation/availableNow/@value Yes If the item is available or not
circulations/circulation/availabilityDate No If the item isn't available when is it expected to be available.
Typically the due date in the system for the item
Yes The item barcode
circulations/circulation/renewable/@value Yes If the item is renewable or not
circulations/circulation/onHold/@value Yes If the item has holds placed on it or not
circulations/circulation/onHold/enumAndChron No
Periodical enumeration/chronology information

Example URLs

Monographic Availability Example


Serial Availability Example



Merged OCLC Numbers

When an OCLC on which holdings have been set and items attached is queried via the WMS Availability API, incomplete availability information is returned. We recommend the 001 field in the MARC portion of the data returned be check to see if it matches the OCLC Number queried. If the OCLC Number does not match then the newer OCLC Number should be queried to retrieve the appropriate availability information.

Group Availability

When a request is made for group holdings and the institution does not belong to a group then an error will be returned.