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Features of WorldCat Local

To your Web-savvy patrons, WorldCat Local looks like part of your library's online experience and feels like other search and social sites they use regularly.

Your library's branding

The page banner, which includes the WorldCat menu bar and search box, is customized with your logo and/or name and your choice of link and background colors. The menu bar features drop menus with quick links to help information, different kinds of searches, and a customized menu 1 where you can place links to other key services or information elsewhere on your Web site or network. While typing in their search terms, your users can select a specific search scope 2 that lets them limit results to a specific location or expand their search to the entire library system; system and group; or system, group and all WorldCat libraries. 3 Libraries that subscribe to WorldCat Local can let their users chat directly with a librarian.

Search results

WorldCat Local search results display items from your library's collections first 1, followed by those owned in your consortium or group, and finally those owned by WorldCat libraries globally (WorldCat Local "quick start" displays only local and global results.). Finding aids and social tools from are included: Search facets 2 let users increasingly narrow a result set by author, format, publication year, language or other indices; result sorting 3 lets a user sort the order of search results by library, relevance, author, title or date; and save features 4 let users save a search at any point in its refinement, or mark specific items for addition to a personal, sharable list of library items.

One-click access to e-resources for WorldCat Local subscribers

One-click access to electronic resources from WorldCat Local search results is available for libraries that have added local knowledge base data to the WorldCat knowledge base. The brief records results in WorldCat Local contain a direct link to full text in electronic resources, allowing users to access material more quickly. This eliminates multiple clicks previously required to obtain online articles and other items, and is available for WorldCat Local subscribers at no additional charge.

WorldCat Local can also be configured to display links to freely available electronic resources on the search results page. These e-links connect users to the following sources:

  • HathiTrust Digital Library
  • ERIC
  • Library of Congress
  • PDF items from .gov and .edu domains

Item record: Location and availability

An item record in WorldCat Local lets your users quickly determine if the displayed item is the correct one using the same evaluative information available on Basic bibliographic information 1 includes cover art and a descriptive summary when available, and links to a display of all editions and formats of the item. The record links to content previews from Google Books and other providers 2 when those are available as well. Availability information and other informational sections can be expanded or collapsed 3 allowing users to quickly navigate to other parts of the page without scrolling. Prominent display of fulfillment options tells users where they can get needed items. These options include a summary of locally-available copies with shelf location and current status 4, as well as links to online full text and/or your ILS' facility for placing a hold or resource-sharing request 5.

Item record: Group libraries

When local copies are unavailable, a user can see how many institutions within a related consortium own the item 1 and view more detailed information from individual libraries via a "Check availability" link 2. The requested information 3 is presented in the same manner as the local library, with any full-text options to which the user may have access, plus a summary of locations, availability status and a link to your resource-sharing request facility 4.

Item record: WorldCat libraries

When necessary, a user can also use the "Find in a library" option in to locate copies of an item in other libraries outside your local and consortial network. Users can enter their location or select an IP-detected location 1 and receive results 2 in real time. A link to your library's resource-sharing service 3 may be available depending on your WorldCat Local configuration.

Item record: More evaluative information and links to related items

Additional collapsible panels on the item record page present more bibliographic details and let users explore similar works through social tags and lists created by other users across the WorldCat platform, or via subject headings. Editorial reviews from authoritative sources such as Books in Print, plus user-contributed reviews from WorldCat and popular Web sites including Amazon, weRead and Goodreads are also available.


When users view an item owned by a WorldCat Local library, they may redirect to their local WorldCat Local site by clicking on a "search at this library" link. This connects them to local availability and fulfillment options at their own library's WorldCat Local site, based on IP address recognition. The redirect option is configured by WorldCat Local library staff.

A user located in an IP range recognized as part of a WorldCat Local site is prompted to link to that WorldCat Local site.