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Events Date

OCLC Global Council Meeting

Dublin, OH USA

  • OCLC Global Council Meeting [17 video segments, 10 PDF slide presentations]
5–7 November 2012

8. Bibliotheksleitertag

Frankfurt am Main
  • 8. Dt. Bibliotheksleitertag [, 6 Präsentationen]
9 October 2012

78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

Helsinki, Finland

  • OCLC Linked Data Round Table at IFLA 2012 [Slide presentations, 4]
    The following presentations were given at the OCLC Linked Data Round Table event at IFLA 2012 in Helsinki.
  • International Dewey Users Meeting [PDF, 4 presentations]
    See the presentations made at the International Dewey Users Meeting, 14 August 2012.
11–17 August 2012

American Library Association Annual (ALA)

Anaheim, California USA

  • Americas Regional Council Member Meeting and OCLC Symposium [5 video segments, 5 PDF slide presentations, 2 hours]
    Anaheim, California, 22 June 2012. This Americas Regional Council (ARC) Member Meeting and OCLC Symposium drew more than 200 individuals (plus more than 350 online). Participants learned about the ARC’s initiatives over the past year, presented by William Maes, Americas Regional Council Executive Committee Chair (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia), followed by Barbara Preece’s presentation of the ARC’s Action Plan for FY2013. Barbara is ARC Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (California State University, San Marcos), and begins her one-year term as ARC Chair 1 July 2012. Jerry Stephens, OCLC Global Council Delegate (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Mervyn H. Sterne Library) sparked a discussion with participants on OCLC Credits and Incentives. He gave a brief history and an update on the Global Council Committee’s work to date on providing the future direction and recommendations for this program.
    The meeting featured OCLC Symposium speaker Phil Simon, technology consultant and author of The Age of the Platform, who discussed how today’s platforms help organizations embrace partnerships and empower innovation. To close the event, Jay Jordan, OCLC President and CEO, gave an update on the cooperative’s latest initiatives and partnerships.

  • Adopting OCLC WorldShare Management Services: Hear Perspectives from Three Roles in Libraries [4 streaming videos, various lengths]
    Library workflows look very different from different perspectives. Hear three views on adopting WMS and an introduction and an overview of Acquisitions by Matt Goldner, OCLC, the host of the event.

  • Better Together: How Cooperative Management Integrates ALL of Your Collections [Streaming video, 51 minutes]
    Anaheim, California, 23 June 2012. Libraries accomplish more through collaboration, and cooperative solutions that improve productivity are now more relevant than ever. Watch presentations from Andrew Pace, Executive Director, OCLC Networked Library Services, and David Whitehair, OCLC Senior Product Manager. Learn how sharing the management of licensing terms, knowledge base data, and digital and collection-level metadata unifies workflows, creates efficiencies and improves discovery and delivery of licensed, electronic, print and digital resources.

  • Dewey update at ALA Annual 2012 [PDF, 6 presentations]
    See presentations from the Dewey update meeting at ALA Annual 2012.
  • OCLC WorldShare Platform: App-sharing at Webscale [Streaming video, 42 minutes]
    Anaheim, California, 23 June 2012. What if you could customize your library system, the same way you do your Facebook page or iPhone—and then share it? The OCLC WorldShare Platform lets you share apps, ideas and creativity with the entire library community and beyond. Hear Kathryn Harnish, Product Manager, OCLC WorldShare Platform, discuss the cooperative's latest innovations related to its platform and how you can apply them in your library.

  • The Power of Groups: Collaboration and Innovation [3 streaming video segments, approximately 1 hour total]
    Anaheim, California, 23 June 2012. Learn how three different consortia are experimenting with new forms of collaboration to improve their services, demonstrate their value and increase the visibility of their members. These recordings will help you to creatively think about new types of partnerships that can take you from "institution-scale" to "Webscale." Featured speakers included Joyce Chapman, Project Librarian, Triangle Research Libraries Network, April Ritche, Adult Services Coordinator, Kenton County Public Library, and  Erica Findley, Digital Resources/Metadata Librarian, Pacific University.
  • Libraries Create Digital Program Success with CONTENTdm [2 Streaming video segments, 44 minutes]
    Anaheim, California, 24 June 2012. During this session, librarians shared their successes with creating digital collection programs using CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software. Featured speakers included Ron Gardner, Digital Services Consultant, CONTENTdm Specialist, OCLC, and Mario M. Einaudi, Kemble Digital Project Librarian at the Huntington Library.
  • Transforming Discovery and Resource Sharing with OCLC: FirstSearch, WorldCat Resource Sharing and More [2 Streaming video segments, 1 hour, 16 minutes]
    Anaheim, California, 24 June 2012. New services from OCLC provide opportunities to create and share at Webscale. Built on the OCLC WorldShare Platform, OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan will replace WorldCat Resource Sharing and help library staff and users quickly and easily obtain the resources they need from libraries worldwide. Plus, new discovery features in and WorldCat Local give staff the expert features they require. Listen as  Mindy Pozenel, Director, OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services, and Katie Birch, Portfolio Director, OCLC Delivery Services, share current and future initiatives.
  • Managing Metadata for E-book Collections [5 Streaming video segments, 1 hour, 22 minutes]
    The focus of this popular event held during ALA Annual in Anaheim, California, was metadata management for e-book collections. Speakers included member librarians Tom Larsen, Head of Monographic Cataloging at Portland State University and Holly Tomren, Head, Metadata Services, Drexel University.  Hear Tom discuss the integration of PDA (patron driven acquisition) into library processes as part of a consortial pilot. Holly shares her library’s experience as a pilot library testing new collection management functionality currently in development at OCLC. David Whitehair, OCLC Senior Product Manager, provides an overview of WorldShare Metadata and the collection management functionality coming later in 2012, and Chris Martire, Director, OCLC Member Services, kicks off the event, which drew 101 participants.
21–26 June 2012

Canadian Library Association Conference 2012

Ottawa, Ontario

101. Deutscher Bibliothekartag

Hamburg, Germany
  • OCLC WorldShare: Die Bibliotheksservice-Plattform im Web [PDF, 44 slides]

6. OCLC Informationstag

Frankfurt am Main
  • 6. OCLC Informationstag [PDF, 5 Präsentationen]

Global Council Meeting

Dublin, Ohio USA

4. Schweizer OCLC Informationstag

Zürich, CH
  • 4. Schweizer OCLC Informationstag [PDF, 6 PDF slide presentations]


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


EMEA Regional Council Annual Meeting

Birmingham, UK

American Library Association Midwinter

Dallas, Texas USA
  • Americas Regional Council Member Meeting and OCLC Symposium [5 Streaming video segments, 2 hours, 23 minutes]
    This Americas Regional Council Member Meeting and OCLC Symposium drew more than 200 individuals (plus more than 100 online), who learned about OCLC's strategy, which was presented by William Maes, Americas Regional Council Executive Committee Chair (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia). The meeting featured OCLC Symposium speaker Sarah Lacy, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PandoDaily, and author of Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky. Sarah discussed “Mining the Fault Lines: Big Collaboration on a Richter Web Scale,” and shared the stories of several entrepreneurs from around the world, who have overcome incredible circumstances to create new opportunities in their communities. Cathy De Rosa, OCLC Vice President for the Americas and Global Vice President of Marketing also gave an overview of OCLC's latest membership survey on communications. Rick Schwieterman, OCLC Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer closed the event with a brief summary of the recommendations, actions and outcomes from OCLC Global Council’s Cost Sharing Models Task Force.
  • Dewey update at ALA Midwinter 2012 [PowerPoint and PDF, 4 presentations]
    See presentations from the Dewey update meeting at ALA Midwinter 2012.
  • E-resources at Webscale: Simple Solutions for Management, Discovery and Delivery [Streaming media, 53 minutes]
    Centralize e-resource management with OCLC Webscale services. The new WorldShare License Manager works with the WorldCat knowledge base to consolidate discovery, fulfillment and management of licensed resources. The knowledge base streamlines article/e-book sharing, enables full link resolution in WorldCat Local and integrates with WorldShare Acquisitions to consolidate all parts of e-resource management.
  • Library Workflows Transformed [2 Youtube video segments, 36 minutes]
    Librarians will share their experiences with OCLC WorldShare Management Services and talk about how to achieve efficiency savings by replacing routine tasks with new integrated and streamlined workflows.
  • Affecting Effectiveness: New Technologies to Maximize Library Impact [Streaming video, 1 hour]
    Facebook apps install with a simple click. Amazon uses analytics to give you custom reading recommendations. So why not use some of these same technologies to increase library effectiveness? Join product manager Kathryn Harnish as she describes the OCLC platform and related projects that will enable libraries—and their partners—to customize workflows, enhance user experiences and maximize impact.
  • The Transformation of a Classic: A Sneak Peek at the Future of Discovery at OCLC [Streaming media, presentation and beta demonstration]
    Come see the future of discovery from OCLC as it's happening—and give your input. How will workflows be streamlined? What will users experience? Join us to hear how FirstSearch, and WorldCat Local will evolve over the next few years. You'll see previews of the new staff interface and hear plans for meeting the needs of multiple audiences through specific functionality.
  • Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [Streaming video, 4 segments]
    On January 23, 2012, OCLC members convened at Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference as part of their ALA Midwinter experience in Dallas, Texas. Participants learned about cataloging efficiencies and best practices that members have shared during several meetings that have taken place around the U.S. over the past several months. Speakers included Sarah Haight Sanabria, Electronic Resources Cataloger, Southern Methodist University, and Susan A. Massey, Head of Discovery Enhancement, University of North Florida, who provided participants with perspectives on cataloging ebooks and more. David Whitehair, OCLC Senior Product Manager, and Chris Martire, Director, OCLC Member Services, also shared the latest updates in cataloging efficiencies from the OCLC cooperative.


Events Date

Cataloging Efficiencies – Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library, Boston, MA USA

  • Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference: Boston Public Library [PDF, 5 slide presentations]
    Catherine Willis, Technical Services Manager, Boston Public Library, and Carole Myles, OCLC Member Services Consultant, welcomed more than 53 participants to Good Practices for Great Outcomes: Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference on December 1, 2011. The event featured Eric Childress, Consulting Project Manager, OCLC Research, who discussed, “More than a feeling: I see my MARC life walking away” in his opening keynote. The event also featured speakers from our member community, including Penny Baker, Collections Management Librarian, Clark Art Institute, Michael Colford, Director of Library Services, Boston Public Library, Christopher Geissler, Project Archivist, Brown University, Amy Hart, Head of Bibliographic Services at the Minuteman Library Network, and Mary Wilkins Jordan, Assistant Professor, Simmons College GSLIS, who discussed “Strategies for working in a changing environment.”


Cataloging Efficiencies – Harvard University

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA USA

  • Good Practices for Great Outcomes: Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [PDF, 6 slide presentations]
    Dr. John Collins, Librarian and Member of the Faculty, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Carole Myles, OCLC Member Services Consultant, welcomed more than 156 guests to Good Practices for Great Outcomes: Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference, generously co-hosted by Harvard University's Gutman Library on November 30, 2011. Eric Childress, Consulting Project Manager, OCLC Research, provided the opening keynote, where he discussed, “A success unexpected in common hours.” We also featured several speakers from our member community, including Diane Baden, Head of Monographic Services, Boston College, Hillary Corbett, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Northeastern University, and Christopher Cronin, Director of Metadata and Cataloging Services, University of Chicago.


Congrès des Milieux Documentaires du Québec

Palais des congrès de Montréal, Québec
  • Présentations au Congrès des milieux documentaires 2011, Québec [PDF, 3 présentations]
    OCLC Canada a eu l’honneur de présider le Congrès des milieux documentaires du Québec de 2011 dont le thème était « Redéfinir l’espace documentaire ». Le congrès s’est tenu sous la présidence de Daniel Boivin, directeur exécutif d’OCLC Canada, Amérique latine et Caraïbes.

Global Council Meeting

Dublin, Ohio USA
  • Global Council Meeting [10 video segments, 8 PDF slide presentations]
    Slide presentations from the meeting held November 7 –9, 2011.


Utrecht, Nederland

Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (NAAL) meeting

Mobile, Alabama
  • Spring Hill College: The OCLC WMS Choice [YouTube video, 22 minutes]
    The Library Director of Spring Hill College (Mobile, Alabama) describes their migration to OCLC Web-scale Management Services at the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (NAAL). 

77th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • DDC 23 workshop at IFLA 2011 [PDF, 9 presentations]
    See presentations made at the DDC 23 workshop.
  • OCLC Membership Matters [PDF, 4 slide presentations]
    A discussion on membership activities and opportunities in the Americas Regional Council and Global Council, and a view from OCLC Research
  • International Dewey Users Meeting [PowerPoint, 6 presentations]
    See presentations made at the International Dewey Users Meeting.
  • Winds of Change: a taxonomy of clouds for libraries [PDF, Report and slide presentation]
    Cloud computing is a new technology model for IT services which many
    businesses and organizations are adopting. It allows them to avoid locally hosting
    multiple servers and equipment and constantly dealing with hardware failure, software
    installs,  upgrades and compatibility issues. For many organizations, cloud
    computing can simplify processes and save time and money. This article defines cloud
    computing and shows how it is different from other types of computing. It also
    discusses how  cloud computing solutions could be beneficial to libraries in three
    basic areas: technology, data and community.

American Association of Law Libraries

Philadelphia, PA USA
  • OCLC Update & Roundtable [PDF, 60 slides]
    Presented by Carole Myles, OCLC Member Services Consultant.

American Library Association

New Orleans, LA USA

  • Americas Regional Council Member Meeting and OCLC Symposium [9 streaming video segments, 2 PDF slide presentations]
    The OCLC Americas Regional Council (ARC) met in New Orleans on June 24 at the start of the 2011 ALA Annual Meeting. More than 150 librarians attended in person, and even more participated virtually, to hear updates from the cooperative’s member leadership.  The meeting was followed by the OCLC Symposium on The Infinite Collection: Resources in the Digital Age.
  • Dewey breakfast/update at ALA Annual 2011 [PowerPoint, 4 presentations]
    See presentations from the Dewey update meeting at ALA Annual 2011.
  • Join the Revolution: Library Management at Web Scale [4 videos, 55 minutes]
    Listen as members of the user community share early experiences with Web-scale Management Services and how moving traditional ILS functions to the Web has positively impacted library services, improved the bottom line, and increased global library visibility and collaboration.
  • Data, Devices and Discovery: Bringing it All Together with WorldCat Local [Streaming video, 1 hour, 7 minutes]
    Listen to how three different universities implemented WorldCat Local and learn from their experiences about what worked and what was challenging. You¹ll hear from Morag Boyd, Head of Special Collections Cataloging at The Ohio State University; Ben Hunter, Head of Cataloging and Collections at the University of Idaho and Elliot Polak, Head of Library Technology at Norwich University.
  • End-to-End E-resource Management: How OCLC Makes it Easier [Streaming video, 46 minutes]
    New OCLC services let you centralize and simplify management of e-resources from selection and purchase to discovery, delivery and ongoing maintenance. Hear how the new, cooperative WorldCat knowledge base features and data help OCLC members connect users to e-resources in library collections through WorldCat Local, WorldCat Resource Sharing and OCLC’s Web-scale Management Services. Learn how the knowledge base integrates with the new OCLC License Manager to help gain control of all aspects of your license arrangements.
  • Jazzing up your library systems with the OCLC Platform [4 Streaming video segments, 54 minutes]
    Speakers discussed new opportunities for libraries and their partners to enhance and extend their library management systems through community-developed applications.
  • CONTENTdm 6 and Louis (The Louisiana Library Network) [YouTube video, 7 minutes]
    ALA Annual 2011, John Guillory, Library Consortium Analyst, describes LOUIS' plans to migrate their collections to OCLC's CONTENTdm 6.
  • CONTENTdm 6 at University of North Carolina, Charlotte [YouTube video, 5 minutes]
    At ALA Annual 2011, Kristy L. Dixon, Digital Programs Archivist with the Atkins Library Special Collections talks about their transition to CONTENTdm version 6 from the end users' and an administrator's perspective, OCLC.
  • From Charles Cutter to Tim Berners-Lee: Data Quality in the 21st Century [4 streaming video segments, 1 hour 46 minutes]
    Lars Svensson of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek discusses the DNB's work with linked data, Adam Schiff of the University of Washington and Michael Norman of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign talk about their libraries' participation in the Expert Community, and Glenn Patton from OCLC tells about collaborative initiatives involving WorldCat that improve data quality, collective metadata management and access to library resources.
  • Creating Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [Streaming video, 1 hour 8 minutes]
    Chris Martire, Director, Member Services, OCLC, welcomed 75 participants to a session during the ALA Annual conference. This meeting included a keynote speaker (below) and lively roundtable discussions.

    Bradford Lee Eden, Associate University Librarian for Technical Services & Scholarly Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, provided an informative keynote presentation,“Transforming Collection Management and Technical Services Operations: the Next-Generation Technical Services (NGTS) Initiative of the University of California Libraries.” 

  • Two-click Article Sharing through WorldCat Resource Sharing and the WorldCat Knowledge Base [Streaming video, 51 minutes]
    The integration of WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad with a knowledge base and license management tools saves time for library staff and delivers faster access to electronic resources. Hear about the impact of article sharing on OCLC member libraries and their users.

Good Practices for Great Outcomes: Detroit, MI

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI  USA

  • Good Practices for Great Outcomes: Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [PDF , 5 slide presentations ]
    Dr. Sandra Yee, Dean, University Library System, Wayne State University welcomed 88 participants to this June 17 event, generously hosted by the Wayne State University Libraries. Roy Tennant of OCLC Research and Steven Bowers, Executive Director of the Detroit Area Library Network, delivered the keynote presentations at this event, and OCLC's Member Services Consultant, Carole Myles, discussed ways to increase efficiencies using OCLC services.

    We also featured speakers from our member community, including:

    • Jody Harnish from Ann Arbor District Library
    • Beth Callahan from Wayne State University, who discussed workflow efficiencies and cataloging challenges.


100. Bibliothekartag

Estrel Convention Center, Berlin

Canadian Library Association

Halifax, NS
  • OCLC Americas Regional Council Meeting and Symposium on "Transformational Literacy" [2 videos, plus 5 PDFs of, slide presentaions]
    Bill Maes, Dalhousie University, and Joseph Hafner, McGill University, led the Americas Regional Council meeting at the Canadian Library Association (CLA) Conference 2011. The OCLC Symposium on Transformational Literacy: life stages and libraries, museums and archives followed the ARC meeting and featured DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Mount Saint Vincent University, Tom Hickerson, University of Calgary, and David Pantalony, Curator of Physical Sciences and Medicine, Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale

Denver, CO  USA
  • Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale: Denver Public Library [PDF, 3 slide presentations]
    Everyone seems to be throwing around phrases like, "in the cloud," or "paradigm shifts of Web-scale proportion." But do you have the knowledge to formulate how you will elevate your library's critical services—including acquisition, circulation and license management—to the cooperative cloud? To help you get the knowledge you need, OCLC and LYRASIS partnered to present Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale. This event took place on May 18 at the Denver Public Library. Participants discovered how Web scale is revitalizing traditional services through shared workflows, activities and data.


Atlantic Provinces Library Association

St. John's, NL Canada
  • Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) [PDF, 44 slides]
    Daniel Boivin, MLIS/MBSI, MBA - Executive Director / Directeur exécutif / Director Ejecutivo,
    OCLC Canada, Latin America & the Caribbean

    The first "Perceptions of libraries" report was published by OCLC in 2005. This report to the OCLC membership summarized findings of an international study on information-seeking habits and preferences. The study was conducted to help us learn more about: library use; awareness and use of library electronic resources and Internet search engines; use of free vs. for-fee information; and the "Library" brand. Once it was published, numerous elements became of tremendous value for library planning. Five years later, OCLC felt it was time to survey the landscape once more to see how these perceptions had evolved in light of our ever changing environment. Similar purposes are again explored such as look at users' awareness, usage and perceptions of electronic resources, trust of libraries, awareness of resources, patrons' perceptions of the library, but new elements are introduced in this report and they will be shared during the session.


5. OCLC Informationstag

Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt am Main


Florida Library Association

Orlando, FL USA

Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale:

  • Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale: Indiana State Library [PDF, 2 slide presentations]

    Move from server serfdom to the cooperative cloud

    Everyone seems to be throwing around phrases like, "in the cloud," or "paradigm shifts of Web-scale proportion." But do you have the knowledge to formulate how you will elevate your library's critical services—including acquisition, circulation and license management—to the cooperative cloud?

    To help you get the knowledge you need, OCLC and LYRASIS partnered to present Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale. This event took place on April 13 at the Indiana State Library. Participants discovered how Web scale is revitalizing traditional services through shared workflows, activities and data.

    Resources from this presentation:


OCLC Global Council annual meeting

Dublin, OH USA

3. Schweizer OCLC Informationstag

Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Zürich
  • Automatischer Abgleich digitalisierter Karteikarten mit WorldCat [PDF, 24 Seiten]
    Günter Mühlberger, Universitätsbibliothek Innsbruck
  • Die Zukunft in der Cloud: Services auf der OCLC Plattform [PDF, 35 Seiten]
    Norbert Weinberger, OCLC GmbH
  • Metadata workflows: Using WorldCat and the OCLC platform [PDF, 50 Seiten]
    Daniel van Spanje, OCLC B.V.
  • Mobile OPACs. Perspektiven und Chancen [PDF, 69 Seiten]
    Andreas Neumann
  • Von WorldCat über Citavi zur wissenschaftlichen Publikation [PDF, 19 Seiten]
    Peter Meurer, Swiss Academic Software GmbH

Good Practices for Great Outcomes

Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA  USA
  • Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [5 streaming videos with slide presentations, 5 PDF files of slide presentations, ]
    David Zeidberg, Avery Director of the Library, Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, opened the day’s activities for 117 participants. Roy Tennant, OCLC Research, presented the keynote address on bibliographic metadata infrastructure. Member panelists included: Laura Smart, Metadata Services Manager, Caltech Libraries, Helen Heinrich, Cataloging Coordinator, California State University, Northridge, and Sharon Benamou, Hebraica/Judaica and Music Catalog Librarian, UCLA. Holly Tomren, Head of Monograph, Electronic Resources & Metadata Cataloging, UC Irvine, provided the closing keynote address, encouraging everyone to use reactive (patron-driven) catalog maintenance.

EMEA Regional Council 2011

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Frankfurt, Germany


Good Practices for Great Outcomes

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL  USA
  • Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [3 slide presentations, 1 table, ]
    Randall MacDonald, Director of the Library and Senior Librarian at Florida Southern, welcomed 92 participants, and David Whitehair, Senior Product Manager, OCLC, talked about technical services workflows and the latest from recent conferences. Member panelists included:  Debbi Dinkins, Head of Technical Services, Stetson University;  Karen Winkle, Catalog Management Librarian, Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University; Jeanne Piascik, Cataloging Librarian, University of Central Florida.

ALA Midwinter Conference

San Diego, CA USA
  • ARC presentations at ALA Midwinter 2011 [3 audio files; 5 PDF slide presentations, Audio files total 103 minutes]
    The OCLC Americas Regional Council (ARC) met in San Diego on January 7 at the start of the 2011 ALA Midwinter Meeting. More than 100 librarians attended in person, and a similar number attended virtually, to hear a variety of presentations from librarians and OCLC senior leadership. You are encouraged to view or listen to these ARC meeting presentations at your convenience.
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words: Usability Findings from OCLC [5 streaming video segments, 1 hour 22 minutes]
    User input drives OCLC's design and enhancements to services like WorldCat Local and Learn about OCLC's recent studies of WorldCat Local and how they improve your users' experiences. Presenters from the WorldCat Local community are Jennifer Ward, Head, Web Services, Libraries Information Technology Services at the University of Washington and Carlos Melian, Associate University Librarian for Systems, Technical and Access Services at Northeastern Illinois University
  • Membership Report: Perceptions of Libraries 2010 [Streaming video, 1 hour, 22 minutes]
    Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community is a follow-up to the 2005 Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources. The new report provides updated information and new insights into information consumers and their online information habits, preferences and perceptions. Particular attention was paid to how the current economic downturn has affected information-seeking behaviors and how those changes are reflected in the use and perception of libraries.
  • Sharing Electronic Resources Just Got Easier: Two-click Article Sharing through WorldCat Resource Sharing [2 streaming video segments, 54 minutes]
    Learn about how the integration of WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad with a knowledge base and license management tools saves time for library staff and delivers faster access to electronic resources for the people who need them
  • Take Another Look: Introducing the New Face of CONTENTdm [Streaming video, 29 minutes]
    At ALA Midwinter 2011, Kevin Miller, Digital Collections Coordinator at Pepperdine University Libraries, discussed the newly released CONTENTdm 6 and how CONTENTdm helps their library staff to easily manage their collections and make them discoverable to users.
  • Creating Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [2 streaming video segments, 55 minutes]
    Catriona Cannon of the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, talks about evolving cataloging and collection management workflows to boost efficiency. A question and answer session follows the presentation.
  • All About E: Management, Discovery and Delivery of Electronic Content with WorldCat [5 Streaming video segments, 1 hour 55 minutes]

    Hear how the new, cooperative WorldCat knowledge base features and data help centralize the management, discovery and delivery of your electronic resources when you use OCLC services like WorldCat Local and WorldCat Resource Sharing. Use of the WorldCat knowledge base adds value to OCLC members’ existing subscriptions to OCLC Cataloging, WorldCat Local, WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad.

  • Library Management Services in the Cloud: More Reality than Dream [5 streaming video segments, 1 hour 19 minutes]
    Listen as early members of the user community explain why they chose OCLC Web-scale Management Services and share their progress to-date.
  • Transformational literacy: Preparing users for life’s transitions [2 Streaming video segments, 2 hours, 4 minutes]
    Every day, libraries help people transform their lives. But nowhere is that role more apparent—and important—as when people move from one life stage to another. Whether the transition is from high school to college, student to worker, adult to parent or any other important life change, the need for information and preparation during these “between” states is more acute than at any other time in our users’ lives. A presentation by Dr. Mimi Ito was followed by a panel discussion on principles that all libraries can use to create an environment that encourages and facilitates lifelong learning.


Events Date

Good Practices for Great Outcomes

Watha T. Daniel-Shaw Neighborhood Library, Washington, D.C  USA
  • Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [1 streaming video and 1 PDF slide presentation, 57 minutes, 53 slides]
    Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian, D.C. Public Libraries, and Eric Riley, Branch Manager, Watha T. Daniel-Shaw Neighborhood Library welcomed 66 participants. Speakers included: Christopher Cole, Associate Director for Technical Services at the National Agricultural Library, provided his informed perspective on RDA and the latest status on this new standard; Mary Alice Robinson, Senior Training Coordinator, OCLC, provided the latest OCLC tips and tricks for cataloging efficiently.

Innovation Symposium

WebEx meeting
  • The ethics of innovation: Navigating privacy, policy and services issues [WebEx recording, 1hour 56 minutes]
    Presented by OCLC and Library Journal. A discussion of ethics has been part of the professional landscape since 1903 when Mary Plummer, ALA President, presented the first code of ethics for librarians. Since then, the information services landscape has only become more challenging and complex. In our second OCLC and Library Journal “Virtual Symposium” we discussed the ways in which ethical considerations affect innovation, privacy issues and how libraries deliver services.

NVB Jaarcongres 2010

De Reehorst, Ede

Good Practices for Great Outcomes

University of Washington Libraries, Seattle, WA  USA
  • Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference [PDF, 4 slide presentations, 1 table]
    Betsy Wilson, Dean of University of Washington Libraries, welcomed 90 participants at both her library and those participating via video simulcast at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR.   Rick Newell, Senior Training Coordinator, OCLC provided the latest OCLC tips and tricks for cataloging efficiently. A panel discussion, moderated by Steven Shadle, Serials Access Librarian, University of Washington Libraries, followed. Member panelists included:   Joe Kiegel, Head, Monographic Services, University of Washington Libraries; Felicia Uhden, Manager, Technical Services, The Seattle Public Library; Peggy Firman, Associate Director for Resource Management Services, University of Puget Sound.

Making Partnerships Matter

London, Birmingham, Dublin, Manchester and Edinburgh
  • Making Partnerships Matter [PDF, 5 slide presentations]
    If the adage two heads are better than one is to be believed, then what could be achieved when thousands come together to innovate? OCLC has worked for over forty years in the library sector, partnering with libraries around the world to deliver transformational services. This unique series of events explored OCLC’s next wave of innovation for libraries.

Good Practices for Great Outcomes

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY USA
  • Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference: New York [6 streaming video segments, 4 PDF files of slide presentations]
    Over 60 participants started their day listening to Ken Soehner, Chief Librarian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas J. Watson Library, as he kicked off our inaugural session of “Cataloging Efficiencies that Make a Difference.” Karen Calhoun, Vice President, Metadata Services, OCLC, shared the latest perspectives on metadata and cataloging trends. Member panelists included: Daniel Starr, Associate Chief Librarian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas J. Watson Library; Andrea Puccio, Senior Library Associate, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas J. Watson Library; NJ Wolfe, Library Director, Fashion Institute of Technology Library.  Mary Alice Robinson, Senior Training Coordinator, OCLC, provided the latest tips and tricks for OCLC cataloging efficiencies.

13th Annual LITA Forum

Atlanta, GA USA
  • Cloudy with a Chance for Cooperation:  Cloud-based Library Management [4 Streaming video segments, 39 minutes]
    Listen as panelists from four early adopter and pilot organizations describe their experiences with OCLC’s Web-scale Management Services, which will move library management to the cooperative cloud. These services also will help streamline routine library tasks such as acquisitions, license management and circulation.

 CILIP/ OCLC Executive Briefing

London, UK
  • Becoming Upwardly Mobile - Can libraries rise to the challenge of mobile technology and solutions? [PDF, 6 slide presentations]
    Libraries ignore the ubiquitous nature of mobile technology in today’s society at their peril. Mobile devices enable people to access information instantly from wherever they happen to be at that moment in time. Experts predict the mobile internet market will be double the desktop market in five years time, so it is crucial for libraries to rise to the challenge making their services available at the user’s point of need. CILIP has once again joined with OCLC to present a cutting-edge event on a topic of special relevance and interest to the library community.

OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Meeting

Tokyo, Japan
See more information.

  • Asia Pacific Regional Council meeting - September 2010 [Streaming media and PDF presentations, multiple sessions]
    On September 6 and 7, 2010, the OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council met at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

76th IFLA Annual Conference

Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • Membership Matters: Working together for the benefit of all [4 PDF Slide Presentations, ]
    Hear about the activities of EMEA Regional Council and Global Council and learn about the new membership protocols, record use policy and new OCLC Research projects. 
  • The future is web-scale [PDF, 52 slides]
    Many business environments today provide Web-based management applications that host software and data ‘in the cloud’. Does it make sense for libraries to transfer their management functions and data to the Web? What are the advantages of ‘Web-scale’ to a management and end-user environment? What cooperation opportunities can be created between libraries? And does such a technology shift allow libraries to provide better services to their communities? Norbert Weinberger, Managing Director, OCLC Germany gives an overview of developments and thoughts on cloud computing for libraries, and what benefits libraries can expect to receive from this new generation of library management services.
  • Industry Symposium: Innovation and Mobile in Libraries [PDF, 2 slide presentations]
    Historically, disruptions to the library industry have come from both inside and outside the sphere of the profession. No matter where changes originate, however, libraries must increase the pace at which they innovate to meet the ever accelerating demands of the public. Mike Teets discussed library user demographics and how commercial and consumer technology races have become a primary driver for library technologies. He also addressed the challenges and potential that mobile technologies bring to the table. Jay Jordan joined Mike to put OCLC's strategy and innovation efforts into perspective relative to the overall library landscape.

American Association of Law Libraries

Denver, CO USA
  • OCLC Roundtable & Update [PDF, 70 slides]

ALA Annual 2010

Washington, D.C. USA

  • 2010 Americas Regional Council Annual Meeting [10 Streaming video segments, 4 hours 47 minutes]
    The Americas Regional Council (ARC) held its inaugural annual meeting on June 24-25, 2010, in conjunction with ALA Annual in Washington, D.C. This meeting was also streamed live on the Web. Members throughout the Americas Region came together to discuss Member Engagement in the Cooperative and shared ideas and thoughts on the future directions and values of the cooperative. View the sessions, which include discussion and questions from both live and virtual participants of this meeting.  The meeting agenda is available in pdf format.
  • ALA Annual Program:  24/7 Reference Cooperative Celebrates 10th Anniversary, with Nancy Huling and Marie L. Radford [4 streaming video segments, 1 hour 50 minutes]
    QuestionPoint’s 24/7 Reference Cooperative looks back on the successes and challenges of 10 years of cooperative virtual reference. Susan McGlamery (24/7 Reference Cooperative manager) and Nancy Huling (University of Washington, QuestionPoint User Council chair and 2009 Mudge Award recipient for distinguished contributions to reference) review the state of the Cooperative from its start in July 200 with 3 libraries in Los Angeles to is current membership of nearly 1,500 libraries in the US and UK. Marie L. Radford (Rutgers University and 2010 Mudge Award recipient) leads a discussion of how trends such as mobile technology, social networking and scarce resources will shape the future of virtual reference services.

  • Redesigning Technical Services Workflows [5 Streaming video segments, 1 hour, 45 minutes]
    Recorded at the ALA Annual 2010 conference.  Panelists discuss the discoverability, synchronization and syndication of library data and new ways of updating library holdings information.

    Speakers include Janet Fransen, University of Minnesota, Ksenija Mincic-Obradovic, The University of Auckland Library, and Ted Fons, OCLC.

  • Share special collections on the Web with easy-to-use CONTENTdm [Two streaming video segments, 36 minutes]
    It’s easy to setup, manage and share digitized special collections worldwide using CONTENTdm and WorldCat.  Listen to presentations by Kevin Martin, Curator of Digital Collections at the Hagley Museum Library and Edward Iglesias, Systems Librarian, Electronic Resources and Information Systems at Central Connecticut State University.

  • Web-scale Management Services [2 streaming video segments, 1 hour 53 minutes]
    Web-scale Management Services move crucial library services and associated data to the network-sometimes called the cloud-freeing library resources to focus on more public-facing services. This presentation focused on why this effort is game changing and how libraries will be able to use the services to reduce costs and focus more on other projects. Andrew provided an update on the development and testing of Web-scale Management Services, an overview of each component, and a general timeline for availability. This is an exciting opportunity to streamline operations and reduce costs as libraries move to truly next generation library management services.
  • Single Discovery and Delivery: It’s not just WorldCat anymore [4 streaming video segments, 1 hour, 14 minutes]
    WorldCat Local librarians share their experiences with the WorldCat Local service and provide examples of how it has simplified user access to their libraries’ print, digital and electronic resources.  Presenters: Jan Ison, Executive Director, Lincoln Trail Libraries System; Mark Vargas, Library Director, Saint Xavier University; Cheryl Snowdon, WorldCat Local Product Manager, OCLC.
  • The Shortest Distance Between Two Clicks: From User to Article in No Time Flat.  ALA Annual conference 2010. [Streaming video, 48 minutes]
    Direct Request for books through WorldCat Resource Sharing services and ILLiad has saved libraries millions of hours of time and, when combined with IFM – tens of millions of dollars. OCLC is now extending the Direct Request feature to apply that kind of cooperation and efficiency to the sharing of electronic articles.

    This presentation provides an update on the OCLC pilot program with IDS Project and Atlas Systems that provides unmediated access to both electronic and hard copy articles via data from WorldCat knowledge base and electronic rights management tools, with no additional charge to existing resource sharing subscriptions.

  • Cataloging Alchemy: Making Your Data Work Harder [5 streaming video segments, 1 hour 28 minutes]
    OCLC staff provide a cataloging update and discuss tools that help WorldCat data work harder for you and lay a foundation for more effective use of bibliographic data on the web.
  • The Future of Publishing: Libraries and the changing role of consumers and creators [4 Streaming video segments, 1 PDF document, 1 hour 53 minutes]
    From scholarly journals to eBooks to print-on-demand “vending” machines, publishing is more complicated than it once was. Thousands of individuals, companies, schools and businesses have taken the tools of literary and scholarly production into their own hands. How does the role of the library change when our users go from consumers of content to creators? What do these changes mean for academic activities such as peer-review, collection development and inventory management? How will new publishing platforms—from Amazon to the iPad—alter the public’s expectations for reading, writing and sharing?
  • Improving discovery of your digital materials [2 streaming video segments, 1 hour, 12 minutes]
    With OCLC’s Gateway, you can upload metadata of digitized collections to WorldCat. Learn how library cooperation is creating a global union catalog of digitized materials.

4. OCLC-Informationstag 2010

Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt am Main

Canadian Library Association

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Innovation Symposium

WebEx meeting
  • The future is mobile: is your library ready? [WebEx recording, 2 hours 54 minutes]
    The future of information services and mobile technology is tightly intertwined. That’s why OCLC and Library Journal came together to present a free online symposium on the future of mobile. View the recording of our panel of mobile industry experts and librarians to find out how upcoming mobile trends will impact your library, your users and our culture.

Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) Conference

Saint John, New Brunswick

British Columbia Library Association (BCLA) Conference

Penticton, British Columbia

2. Schweizer OCLC-Informationstag 2010

Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Schweiz
  • Cloud Computing and Libraries [PDF, 37 slides]
    Matt Goldner, Product & Technology Advocate, OCLC
  • Dancing for information - WorldCat Resource Sharing an der BSB [PDF, 27 slides]
    Dr. Wilhelm Hilpert, Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek
  • eBooks on Demand - Ein europäisches Servicenetzwerk [PDF, 35 slides]
    Silvia Gstrein, Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol, Abt. für Digitalisierung
  • swissbib – Ein Metakatalog für die Schweizer Bibliotheken [PDF, 29 slides]
    Uwe Böttcher, Projektleiter “swissbib”, OCLC

2010 OCLC Global Council Annual Meeting

Dublin, Ohio

ILLiad International Conference

Exploring Trends in Resource Sharing
Virginia Beach, VA

  • 2010 ILLiad International Conference [PowerPoint presentation, ]

PLA National Conference 2010

Portland, Oregon USA
  • GEEK the Library: Putting Theory into Practice [Streaming media, 75 minutes]
    Geek the Library is a public awareness pilot campaign implemented in select communities in Iowa, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. After several months, the results of the pilot are in. Were we able to increase awareness of the need for public library funding? Listen in to find out.

  • Single Search and Delivery of All Your Library’s Resources: WorldCat Local, Metasearch and More from OCLC [WebEx video, 1 hour 35 minutes]
    Jan Ison, Executive Director, Lincoln Trail Libraries System, and Pat Boze, Consultant for Lincoln Trail Libraries System, discuss how their system uses the single-search access provided by OCLC’s WorldCat Local service to simplify user access to their print, electronic and digital resources. 
  • Roving Roundtables: Resource Sharing Done Right [Streaming media, 52 minutes]
    Longtime Portland based OCLC trainer Sam Sayre interviewed two local librarians about their innovative interlibrary loan workflows: Cassie Maringer from Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) and Rachael Short from Multnomah County Library.
  • Web-scale Management Services: What, When, How, Why? [Streaming video, 55 minutes]
    Web-scale management components diagramLearn how adoption of OCLC’s Web-scale Management Services can help your library. Explore the potential to save money and create capacity to work on high-priority projects.


4. Leipziger Kongress für Information und Bibliothek

Leipzig, Deutschland
  • A Vision for Integrated Knowledgebase Management [PDF, 26 slides]
    Theodore Fons, Director WorldCat Global Metadata Network, OCLC Inc. und Norbert Weinberger, Managing Director, OCLC GmbH
  • TouchPoint für OCLC Bibliotheksmanagementsysteme [PDF, 34 slides]
    Dr. Annette Dortmund und Helmut Kimmling, OCLC GmbH
  • Pilotprojekt TouchPoint an der UB Lüneburg [PDF, 11 slides]
    Bianca Rühling, Verbundzentrale des GBV (VZG)

EMEA Regional Council 2010 Annual Meeting

Leiden, Netherlands
  • Cloud Computing and Libraries [PDF, 37 slides]
    Matt Goldner, Product & Technology Advocate, OCLC
  • Cloud Computing: What is it and what is the impact for libraries [PDF, 26 slides]
    Keynote address delivered by Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy
  • End User Services in EMEA Workshop [PDF, 44 slides]
    Marianne Klomp, Global Product Manager, LBS & TouchPoint, OCLC
    Simon Day, Product Manager, WorldCat Local EMEA, OCLC
  • Virtual Reference: Bringing Reference Services to the Users [PDF, 29 slides]
    Susan McGlamery, QuestionPoint senior product manager, OCLC
  • Web-scale Management Services Workshop [PDF, 54 slides]
    Andrew K. Pace, Executive Director, Networked Library Services, OCLC
    Norbert Weinberger, Managing Director, OCLC GmbH
  • Key Perspectives from OCLC in EMEA [PDF, 83 slides]
    Jay Jordan, President and CEO, OCLC
  • OCLC Record Use Policy Update [PDF, 14 slides]
    Karen Calhoun, Vice President, WorldCat and Metadata Services, OCLC
  • OCLC's social contract with its members [PDF, 7 slides]
    George Needham, Vice President, Global and Regional Councils, OCLC

Ontario Library Association

Toronto, ON, Canada
  • OCLC Update Luncheon [PDF slide presentation, 56 slides]
    Daniel Boivin's OCLC Update session at OLA

    Daniel Boivin, Director, OCLC Canada, discussed the growth of OCLC membership throughout Canada, provided an update on OCLC services, including the new Web-scale Management System and more



Melbourne, Australia
  • The Emergent Library: New Lands, New Eyes [Blog post with link to slide presentation, ]
    Karen Calhoun presenting at VALA2010

    Karen Calhoun, Vice President, WorldCat and Metadata Services for OCLC, spoke at the VALA2010 conference in Melbourne.  The slides from her keynote presentation at the conference are linked from her blog, Metalogue. 


ALA Midwinter

Boston, Massachusetts USA
  • On the Radar: How libraries and other nonprofits can increase their influence [Streaming video, 1 hour 13 minutes]
    Loretta Parham, CEO and Director of the Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library, discusses the need to increase influence and maximize impact to meet todays challenges and critical needs. Michael Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of City Year, shares lessons learned about engaging the private and public sectors to inspire involvement and develop partnerships. 

  • Maximize Worldwide Visibility of your Digital Collections [Streaming media, 29 minutes]
    Learn how the Curator of Special Collections & College Archives at Middlebury College, Andrew Wentink, has used the CONTENTdm software to fulfill Middlebury’s vision of providing the broadest possible access to all their unique primary source materials.
  • Reaching Consumers through Nontraditional Methods: What Can WorldCat Do for You? [7 Streaming video segments , 1 hour 28 minutes]
    Librarians, library users and industry leaders share strategies of how helps them reach consumers, researchers, developers and partner organizations through social tools, mobile apps, APIs and more.
  • Redesigning Technical Services Workflows [Streaming media, 01:54:00]
    Leaders in the global technical services community share their perspectives on the theme, "Dollars and sense: paying for the collaborative national bibliographic framework." Karen Calhoun, Vice President, WorldCat and Metadata Services, Alasdair Ball, Head of Collection Acquisition and Description, British Library, Ruth Fischer, R2 Consulting LLC, and Brian E. C. Schottlaender, The Audrey Geisel University Librarian, UC San Diego, presented.
  • Web Scale for Libraries: A Sea-change for the 21st Century [Streaming video, 1 hour 3 minutes]
    Web-scale Management Services will move crucial library services and associated data to the network—sometimes called "the cloud"—freeing library systems and staff to perform other high priority tasks.  New network-level functionality will include cooperative services for circulation and delivery, print and licensed acquisitions, and license management.  These will complement existing Web-scale services for cataloging (WorldCat) and discovery (WorldCat Local). Presented by Andrew K. Pace, Executive Director, Networked Library Services OCLC.
  • WorldCat Selection User Group Meeting [Webex recording, 21 minutes]
    Joseph Hafner, Associate Director, Collection Services and Diane Koen, Associate Director, Planning and Resources, McGill University Library, describe McGill’s implementation of WorldCat Selection.
  • Best Practices in Virtual Reference: Making the Case for Virtual Reference [5 Streaming video segments, 1 hour 19 minutes]
    Panelists share tips and best practices for communicating the value of virtual reference to stakeholders, whether they are grant funders or potential subscribing libraries.
  • Local Impact - Global Reach: WorldCat Local for Your Library [Streaming video, 1 hour 17 minutes]
    Librarians from WorldCat Local libraries share their experiences with implementation and use of the new service.
  • WorldCat: New Dimensions in Growth and Quality [Streaming media, 55 minutes]
    Ted Fons, OCLC, explains how OCLC is building and enriching WorldCat, including synchronizing local library collections and WorldCat, further enhancing metadata management and discoverability of library collections on the Web.


Events Date

OCLC’s 2009 Technical Services Forum

British Library, St Pancras, London

  • OCLC's 2009 Technical Services Forum [3 PDF slide presentations, 115]

    Online Catalogs   (PDF, 52 slides)
    Karen Calhoun, OCLC, Vice President WorldCat and Metadata Services

    WorldCat: the year in view   (PDF, 18 slides)
    Janet Lees, OCLC, Community Liaison

    Records count   (PDF, 45 slides)
    Daniel van Spanje, OCLC, Global Product Manager (EMEA)


Milieux documentaires du Québec

Montréal, QC, Canada
  • Livres électroniques en français [PDF, 5.61 MB]
    Les livres en français offerts pour lecteurs numériques


OCLC Digital Forum East

Arlington, Virginia USA
  • OCLC Digital Forum East 2009 [PDF slide presentations, streaming video]

OCLC Digital Forum West 2009

Los Angeles, California USA

OCLC Asia Pacific Regional Council Membership Meeting

  • Asia Pacific Regional Council meeting - September 2009 [Multiple PDF slideshow presentations, ]
    Multiple PDF slideshow presentations from the September 2009 Asia Pacific Regional Council meeting

75th IFLA General Conference and Council

Milan, Italy
  • Web Scale Management Services [PDF, 28 slides]
    Matt Goldner, OCLC Product and Technology Advocate, provides an overview of OCLC’s strategy for Web-scale management services.
  • OCLC: a global cooperative [PDF, 50 slides]
    Jay Jordan, OCLC President and Chief Executive Officer, provides an update of OCLC’s recent and upcoming initiatives.
  • End User Discovery Tools: OCLC Perspectives [PDF, 56 slides]
    This program outlines how OCLC is enhancing the discovery-to-delivery experience for library users through services such as, TouchPoint and WorldCat Local.

American Association of Law Libraries

Washington, DC USA
  • OCLC Update [PDF, 64 slides]

OCLC Informationstag

OCLC Oberhaching, Deutschland

  • OCLC Informationstag 2009 [PDF , 5 presentations]
    Veranstaltungsprogramm [PDF]

    • OCLC Services und ihre praktischen Anwendungen [PDF, 25 slides]
      Norbert Weinberger (OCLC GmbH)
    • WorldCat für öffentliche Bibliotheken [PDF, 60 slides]
      Dr. Annette Dortmund (OCLC GmbH)
    • Die Zukunftswerkstatt: Wissens- und Kulturvermittlung 2.0
      Julia Bergmann [PDF, 70 slides] 
    • OCLC Research: Exploring our Collective Future
      John MacColl [PDF, 34 slides]
    • OCLC EMEA Mitgliedschaft und Teilhabe
      Berndt Dugall [PDF, 23 slides]

American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference

Chicago, Illinois USA

  • OCLC Symposium at ALA Annual Conference 2009 [2 Streaming video segments, 2 hours]
    Leadership Beyond the Recession:  While public and academic library use is surging, budget pressures also continue to escalate. How does a library deliver a great customer experience to keep the lights on—and keep users coming back during better economic times? Keynote speaker and best-selling author Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D, ( The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary) will engage the audience in a conversation that explores ways to bring a unique customer experience to the library. He is then joined by moderator Cathy De Rosa and panelists Steven Bell, Charles Brown and Ed Rivenburgh for a lively discussion of how libraries are creating -- and can create -- a compelling user experience.

  • Best Practices in Virtual Reference: Panel [Streaming video, 1:27:00]
  • Integrating Technical Services and Preservation Workflows: Mainstreaming Digital Resources [Streaming video, 72:32]
    After an introduction from Geri Bunker Ingram of OCLC, Amy Rudersdorf (Director, Digital Information Management Program, The State Library of North Carolina) discusses integrating a whole host of systems into a digital curation workflow, including OCLC's Connexion tools, Digital Archive, WorldCat, Digital Collection Gateway and CONTENTdm.

  • Redesigning Technical Services Workflows [Streaming video, 1:54:15]
    Presentations include "Streamlining Book Metadata Workflow ":  A Report from NISO and OCLC presented by Todd Carpenter, NISO, and Renee Register, OCLC; The Only Constant is Change presented by Arlene Klair, University of Maryland Libraries; and Technical Services for a Radically New Reality presented by Rick Anderson, University of Utah.
  • Worldcat Navigator: A Consortial Borrowing Discovery-to-Delivery Solution [Streaming video, 1:22:00]
    Ms. Birch provides an overview of WorldCat Navigator, a single discovery and delivery service that allows users to discover and request items from collections of a library group and beyond and streamlines resource sharing processes by eliminating redundant activities and reducing touch points.  Mr. Banerjee discusses the implementation and use of WorldCat Navigator by the Orbis Cascade Alliance during their first year of using the service.
  • WorldCat Selection User Group Meeting, ALA Annual 2009 [2 Streaming media segments, 0:25:00]
    Presentations from this event:

  • ONIX to MARC and Back Again: New Metadata Service Options at OCLC [Streaming video, 54:00]
    Renee Register, Senior Product Manager, OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Services introduces OCLC Metadata Services for Publishers and describes the process of enriching publisher title metadata to create an ONIX file for use in the publisher supply chain.
  • Something for Everyone: How New Approaches to Metadata Management Enable Discovery [Streaming video, 1:12:00]
    Ted Fons, Director, WorldCat Global Metadata Network and Matt Goldner, Product and Technology Advocate discuss how information seekers look for information and how cataloging practices contribute to the user experience.
  • OCLC Web-scale Management Services [Streaming Video, 60:10]
    Presentation by Andrew Pace, OCLC Executive Director for Networked Library Services, ALA Annual 2009.  Web-scale cooperative library management services, network-level tools for managing library collections through circulation and delivery, print and licensed acquisitions, and license management. These services complement existing OCLC Web-scale services, such as cataloging, resource sharing, and integrated discovery.
  • OCLC Developer Network luncheon [Streaming media, 40:00]
    Presented by Don Hamparian, manager of the OCLC Developer Network. Note: the sound quality is not optimal on this recording.

Atlantic Provinces Library Association

Halifax, NS, Canada
  • From Awareness to Funding [PDF, 1.27MB]
    OCLC was awarded a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to explore attitudes and perceptions about library funding and to evaluate the potential of a large-scale marketing and advocacy campaign to increase public library funding. Presented by George Needham, Vice President, Member Services, OCLC, learn more about some of the findings of this research, which are now available in the latest OCLC report, From Awareness to Funding: A study of library support in America


98. Deutscher Bibliothekartag

Erfurt, Deutschland (Germany)

  • 98. Bibliothekartag in Erfurt [PDF, 38 slides]
    Lebendig und vielfältig so wie unser Motto präsentierte sich OCLC den zahlreichen Besuchern auf dem diesjährigen Bibliothekartag in Erfurt.

    Dies zeigte sich nicht nur in Präsentationen und Vorträgen zu verschiedensten Fachthemen, sondern auch am geschäftigen Treiben auf dem hellen und freundlichen Messestand.


CILIPS Annual Conference 2009

Chartered Institute of library and Information Professionals in Scotland
  • Building Web-scale libraries [PDF, 4.1 MB]
    Jay Jordan, President and CEO of OCLC, discusses what OCLC is doing to help make the library space and learning space—our space—more hospitable not only for millenials, but for people of all ages who need information.

Canadian Library Association

Montréal, QC, Canada
  • The New World Metadata [3 Powerpoint presentations, ]
    Librarians were one of the few professional groups concerned, on a daily basis, with metadata, taxonomies, and knowledge organization. But in our new environment of global information services, growing digital content and always-on connectivity, every industry has become deeply concerned with these issues. 


A Symposium for Publishers and Librarians

  • A Symposium for Publishers and Librarians [4 PowerPoint presentations, 135 slides]
    Held March 18-19, 2009 to address issues surrounding the metadata needs for libraries and the publisher supply chain.

OCLC Networking Event

British Library Conference Centre, London, UK
  • Revitalizing Library Discovery to Delivery in a New Research Information Infrastructure [PowerPoint, 77 slides]
    Karen Calhoun, OCLC’s Vice President of WorldCat and Metadata Services and the author of the Library of Congress-commissioned Changing Nature of the Catalog and Its Integration with Other Discovery Tools, discussed opportunities for taking collective action to increase Web-savvy scholars’ and students’ awareness and attention to the valuable collections of research libraries. She discussed how library leaders might revitalize their catalogues in the framework of Web 2.0 services and information-seeking preferences, the role that OCLC might play, and the challenges of shared data creation and management inside and outside the library space.

American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter

Denver, CO USA
  • From Linking to Thinking [3 Streaming video segments, 01:55:10]
    Does using the Web change how we think and learn? OCLC’s Roy Tennant moderates a discussion between David Weinberger (author of Everything is Miscellaneous and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto) and Nova Spivack (Semantic Web pioneer and publisher of the Twine search/sharing tool) that explores answers to questions like these: How will we organize information when everyone is connected all the time? Will the Web add intelligence to everyday objects and our personal activities? Change is coming to the Web, but how will the Web change us?

  • WorldCat Quality Update for the Enhance Sharing Session [PowerPoint, 12 slides]
    Glenn Patton, OCLC
  • 780 Music [PowerPoint, 12 slides, 409.50 KB]
    Dewey Update Breakfast presentation
  • Best Practices in Virtual Reference  [3 Streaming video segments, 00:52:24]
    A panel presented two innovative approaches to improving reference service for our users: building a better search engine using the knowledge of reference librarians, and building a multilingual, multinational reference service.  Presentations by David Lankes, director of the Information Institute of Syracuse, and Paul Ulrich, Berlin Central and Regional Library are followed by a discussion with speakers and participants.

  • Redefining Technical Services Workflows with OCLC [5 Streaming media segments, 01:44:00]
    OCLC is helping libraries reenvision the technical services workflow in order to eliminate redundancy, improve efficiency and enhance access to library materials. A panel, consisting of four leaders in the library community, shares their approaches to improving their technical services workflows and user experiences.

  • Rethinking Meals [PowerPoint, 5 slides, 732.50 KB]
    Dewey Update Breakfast presentation
  • WorldCat Local [7 Streaming video segments, 01:32:00]

    All of Your Library’s Content in One Search Box — Early adopters of the OCLC WorldCat Local service share their implementation and use experiences for this new discovery-to-delivery service. OCLC staff discuss ongoing enhancements that will further consolidate access to library-provided resources.  Speakers for this event were:  

    • Mindy Pozenel, Director, WorldCat Discovery Services, OCLC
    • Steve Shadle. Serials Access Librarian, University of Washington Libraries
    • Amy Kautzman, Associate University Librarian for the Humanities & Social Sciences, University of California, Davis
    • Gregg Silvis, Assistant Director for Library Computing Systems, University of Delaware Library
    • Angi Falks, Associate Director, DeWitt Wallace Library, Macalester College
  • Accelerating your Accreditation: WorldCat Collection Analysis [PDF, 68 slides]
    Paul Getzen and Glenda Lammers, OCLC
  • Online Catalogs: what users and librarians want, a review of market research data [PowerPoint, 34 slides]
    Prepared for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Participants Meeting.
    Karen Calhoun, OCLC
  • From ONIX to MARC and Back Again: New Frontiers in Metadata Creation at OCLC [2 Streaming media segments and a PowerPoint file, 00:53:00]
    Interoperability between ONIX metadata used in the publishing industry and MARC metadata used by the library community, is explored.  Models for the creation and maintenance of metadata throughout the supply chain are also discussed.
  • WorldCat Stories: Building community through usability and social networking on [PowerPoint, 66 slides]
    Laura Endress and Bob Schultz, OCLC
  • OCLC Developer Network luncheon [PowerPoint, 23 slides]
    Don Hamparian, OCLC
  • More than Lists of Changes: Tracing the history of DDC Concepts [PowerPoint, 11 slides, 433 KB]
    Dewey Update Breakfast presentation


Events Date

Edinburgh's Festival of Libraries 2008

Edinburgh, Scotland
  • The Future of the Book [7 MP3 audio segments, 00:43:00]
    Print books or e-books? Uplift or download? Writers and readers or interactive interchange? What is your view on the way that changing technologies and life styles are affecting books, publishing, information and the way that we read?

    In November 2008, the network of  Edinburgh-based libraries ( ELISA) organised a panel discussion and open debate on this very subject as part of Edinburgh’s Festival of Libraries. A panel of five very well-informed people working at the cutting edge of their respective professions, presented and discussed the issues at stake from a wide range of perspectives. 


WorldCat Hackathon

Get the OCLC presentations on the Developer's Network wiki


Preconference to the 10th International ISKO Conference, Université de Montréal, Canada
5 August 2008


SLA Conference 2008

Delivering Your Special Collections Online: Digitization and CONTENTdm


OCLC Informationstag 2008 in Oberhaching, Germany


ALA Annual 2008

  • The Mashed-Up Library (OCLC Symposium) [Streaming video: 02:08:52]
    Developing new library services can now mean mixing data and functionality from several sources into “mash-ups” to provide a unique and powerful user experience. Some librarians have discovered how to use Web applications to adapt or create new services. Others are investigating this trend and looking for further guidance. Still others have found creative ways to deliver traditional programs to new populations.

    Join our keynote speaker, Michael Schrage, author of Shared Minds—The New Technologies of Collaboration and columnist for CIO and MIT's Technology Review, and our panel of three librarians who have developed their own mash-ups.

    • Susan Gibbons, Associate Dean, Public Services & Collection Development, University of Rochester (NY) River Campus Libraries
    • David Lee King, Digital Branch & Services Manager, Topeka & Shawnee County (KS) Public Library
    • Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran, Librarian, University of Minnesota, Rochester
  • CONTENTdm digital collection showcase [Streaming video: 01:09:26]
    Hear from Joanna Burgess, Digital Assets Librarian, Reed College and Kenning Arlitsch, Assoc. Director for Admin. and IT Services, University of Utah Marriott Libraries.

NASIG 2008 Conference

WorldCat Registry was a part of the discussion at the NASIG 2008 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. A discussion panel reviewed problems with online access to journals and how to prevent them with the help of identifiers. To learn more see Using Institutional and Library Identifiers to Ensure Access to Electronic Resources presentation.


InetBib Congress 2008 in Würzburg, Germany


Electronic Resource and Libraries Conference - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The WorldCat Registry and ERIC presented at the 2008 Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference, Atlanta, Georgia. The program described how information about OpenURL resolvers and library catalogs in the WorldCat Registry streamlined access to electronic and print resources for users of the ERIC database. ERIC provides access to library collections through Find in a Library links, connecting users with local catalogs and full-text resources.

ERIC and the WorldCat Registry
Lawrence Henry, ERIC Program Manager
Joanna White, WorldCat Registry Product Manager


EUSIDIC in London


ALA Midwinter 2008



Event Date

IFLA 2007, Durban, South Africa

August 22

ALA Annual 2007


IFLA Libraries for the Blind Section, Helsinki, Finland

June 15

IFLA Fellows, Den Haag, Netherlands

May 28

ELAG 2007, Barcelona, Spain

May 9

KB and UVA, Leiden, Netherlands

March 28


February 6

ALA Midwinter 2007



Event Date

Online Conferentie Nederland OCN 2006

November 7
November 3

NISO Discovery to Delivery Workshop

November 3

Netherlands Customer Contact Day

October 4

7th Nordic NVBF- ILL Conference, Elsinore, Denmark

October 1

ALIA 2006, Perth, Australia

September 18-19

Test evaluation results in the form of a Powerpoint

August 8

ARL Membership Meeting

October 19

ALA 2006 Annual Conference


2006 Special Libraries Association Conference

  • OCLC Update
    Anita Reeb, Executive Director, U.S. Library Services, OCLC
June 12

Ohio Library Council 2006 Technical Services Retreat

Pattern Recognition in Action for Cataloging and Metadata (.ppt: 1.6MB/42 slides)
Chris Grabenstatter
Mohican State Park Lodge, Loudonville, OH (USA)

April 25

ALA Midwinter 2006


Resource Sharing and Fulfillment Services

Updated January 27

Preserving Access for the Future: Updates on Various Activities in Digital Preservation

January 23

Sound Preservation: First Steps

January 22

Digitization Standards: Issues and Updates

January 22


Event Date
Digitization Lifecycle Solutions: An Integrated Approach
June 25
Future Directions for OCLC Resource Sharing
June 25
Registry of Digital Masters
June 25
OCLC ILL/ILLiad Users Group Meeting
June 26
OCLC Union List Users Group Meeting
June 25
The ECHO DEPository Project