Rapprochez-vous de la coopérative OCLC en ligne ou en personne. Nous proposons un ensemble varié d'évènements dans des lieux physiques ou virtuels afin de satisfaire les différentes exigences en termes d'implication et de confort. Vous décidez de ce qui est le mieux pour vous en fonction de ce que vous avez besoin de savoir. Cette liste informe des réunions, conférences, évènements et webinaires qu'OCLC prévoit d'organiser ou auxquels la coopérative compte participer.

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04 juin 2015

Join this 30-minute webinar with guest presenter Christine Giannoni, Museum Librarian at The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Christine will share her library’s experience with WorldShare Managment Services (WMS). During this session, you will:

  • Hear why The Field Museum chose to implement WMS
  • Learn the ways WMS is streamlining work to save staff time
  • Explore how WMS is increasing visibility of the library's collections and improving the library user experience.

Christine will have plenty of time to answer audience questions. Register to join the live event and bring your questions.

The Field Museum Library serves staff of the renowned Chicago institution, visiting scholars and the general public with a small staff of seven. The library’s collections are an indispensable resource for the Museum’s research, exhibit development and educational programs. The library has been using WMS since May 2014.

  • Heure: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]

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10 juin 2015

During this one-hour overview demonstration of WorldShare Management Services, you will:

  • See how the services help you to simplify your library management workflows
  • Learn how the services improve discovery and access of your library’s physical collections, including print monographs, serials and multivolume works
  • Understand how WorldShare Management Services free your library from the restrictions of local hardware and software to provide more time to focus on serving users and your community.
    • Heure: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]

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18 juin 2015

During this one-hour detailed demonstration of WorldShare Management Services, you will learn how you can streamline all of your circulation tasks through a single, Web-based interface. You’ll also learn how your library operations can be performed on any tablet, laptop, smartphone or device with a Web browser. The portability of these devices means you can more easily complete tasks, such as inventory, because you carry out the tasks in your library’s stacks.

Circulation: You will see how to easily use the account management functions, including check-in, check-out and renewals, as well as integrated hold and fine management. We will demonstrate how the services track availability and holds in real time, enabling you to generate a pull list on demand.

Course Reserves: You will see how easy it is for anyone, including student workers, to create and duplicate a list, and store everything electronically.

  • Heure: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]

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JUIL. 14

14 juillet 2015

Join us for a one-hour webinar to learn how you can simplify daily activities for your librarians. Hear how OCLC’s cloud-based strategy will allow you to:

  • Reform workflows by utilizing cooperatively shared data, built and maintained by librarians
  • Manage electronic and print collections through a single, Web-based interface
  • Make discovery, access and delivery more convenient for your users.

  • Heure: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, North America [UTC -4]
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