Code of conduct

As a nonprofit membership organization serving more than 72,000 libraries and cultural heritage institutions in 170 countries, OCLC has fiduciary responsibilities of the highest order. We assist our members in organizing and preserving the human record, providing access to it, and passing it on to future generations. Given the importance of our mission, we are committed to supporting an inclusive work environment based on diversity, trust and the highest standards of ethical conduct.

All OCLC employees are required to complete Code of Conduct—Ethics training that provides guidelines about proper conduct in the OCLC work environment. The complete Code of Conduct includes such topics as ethics, legal responsibilities, respect for others, conflict of interest, protecting OCLC assets, and political contributions and activities.

Nous sommes une coopérative mondiale de bibliothèques qui appartient à, est gouvernée et entretenue par, ses membres depuis 1967. Notre utilité publique est une déclaration d’engagement les uns envers les autres, plus précisément que nous travaillerons ensemble pour améliorer l’accès aux informations détenues par les bibliothèques à travers le monde et trouverons des façons de réduire les coûts des bibliothèques par le biais de la collaboration. Plus de détails »