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  • What's included in a WorldCat Local subscription

What's included in a WorldCat Local subscription

A subscription to WorldCat Local gives your users efficient access to your own collection, as well as:

  • More content: Access to more than 2 billion items in a growing collection supported by worldwide cooperation with national libraries, content providers, publishers and technology partners.
  • Single-click access to full text from search results: Users link directly from search results to electronic resources, due to integration with the new WorldCat knowledge base (for libraries that have added local knowledge base data).
  • Integrated OpenURL resolution: A-Z list functionality, Inbound and Outbound linking are included in WorldCat Local through the WorldCat knowledge base.
  • Evaluative content: Integrated access to more than 44 million data elements such as cover art, Tables of Contents, summaries, reviews and ratings.
  • Web visibility: Partnerships with the cooperative mean your library's materials are available through popular sites such as Google Books and via apps that let users access items through Facebook, Twitter and on their own Web sites.
  • Maintenance and upgrades: No local loading or maintenance of software; everything is handled remotely. Ongoing enhancements are added regularly at no additional charge.
  • Social networking and workflow tools: User reviews, recommendations, citation tools, tags and personal profiles let people customize their discovery experience and workflows even further.
  • Plug-ins, apps and "gadgets:" Users can customize Facebook profiles, Web pages and blogs with access to the library resources you provide.
  • Mobile: A browser-based, mobile-optimized version of WorldCat Local will get your library on mobile devices quickly and easily. All with no development time, no integration headaches and no extra cost.