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The Library Services Team

Your Library Services consultant is your primary contact for finding cost-effective OCLC solutions to meet the needs of your library.

Contact your Library Services consultant for help with ordering OCLC services and for quotes for new services or to learn how your library can benefit from WorldShare Management Services, discovery, cataloging and resource sharing solutions, or any OCLC service. Let the Library Services team help your library reach its maximum potential.

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Office-based sales

  • Scott Hojnacki

    Scott Hojnacki

    Inside Library Services Consultant

    Dublin, Ohio

    T: 800-898-6252, ext. 3806
    O: 614-764-6201

Office-based sales

  • Carol Schlatter

    Carol Schlatter

    Inside Library Services Consultant

    Dublin, Ohio

    T: 800-898-6252, ext. 3802
    O: 614-764-6083

Field sales

  • Mike Ahern

    Mike Ahern

    Library Services Consultant

    Las Flores, California

    T: 877-309-8627
    M: 949-510-6613

Field sales

  • Brad Cole

    Brad Cole

    Martinsburg, West Virginia

    T: 800-848-5878, ext. 4076

Field sales

  • Gerry Davies

    Gerry Davies

    Library Services Consultant

    Brandon, Florida

    T: 800-848-5878, ext. 4084

Field sales

  • Craig Johnson

    Craig Johnson

    Library Services Consultant

    Lakeville, Minnesota

    T: 800-848-5878, ext. 4081
    M: 952-237-9388
    O: +1-952-898-4380

Field sales

  • Don Litner

    Don Litner

    Library Services Consultant

    Milford, Michigan

    T: 800-848-5878, ext. 4087
    M: 248-245-8016

Field sales

  • Lesley Lloyd

    Lesley Lloyd

    Library Services Consultant

    Ballston Spa, New York

    T: 1-800-848-5878, ext 4075
    M: 614-401-7798

There are no Profiles matching the configured list.

Field sales

  • Joy Murray

    Joy Murray

    Library Services Consultant

    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    T: 1-800-848-5878, ext. 4042
    M: 1-248-986-0195

Field sales

  • Reade Rogers

    Reade Rogers

    Regional Manager, US Library Services

    Mason, Ohio

    T: 1-800-848-5878, ext. 4085
    M: 1-513-767-8362

Field sales

  • Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott

    Library Services Consultant

    Austin, Texas

    T: 1-800-848-5878, ext. 4065
    M: 1-512-783-4671

Field sales

  • Tony Skoczylas

    Tony Skoczylas

    Library Services Consultant

    Stratford, Connecticut

    T: 800-848-5878, ext. 4053
    M: 203-260-4478

ARL and State Library Sales

  • Suzanne Butte

    Suzanne Butte

    Director, Strategic Accounts—ARLs and State Libraries

    Dublin, Ohio

    T: 800-848-5878, ext. 5130
    O: 614-761-5130

ARL and State Library Sales

  • Michele Kristakis

    Michele Kristakis

    Director, Strategic Accounts—ARLs and State Libraries

    T: 800-848-5875, ext. 4048
    M: 412-298-5115

ARL and State Library Sales

  • Maruta Skujina

    Maruta Skujina

    Director, Strategic Accounts – ARLs and State Libraries

    T: 800.848.5878, ext. 5194
    M: 206-218-5180
    O: 206-938-0645

ARL and State Library Sales

  • Eric Forte

    Eric Forte

    Strategic Accounts Manager

    T: 800-848-5878, ext. 4078
    M: 805-696-3697


Matt Goldner shows WorldShare Management Services to OCLC members.


Your Member Relations team

Let us help you make the most of your membership in the OCLC cooperative

Member Relations Liaisons are regionally-based librarians who work with OCLC members to get the most out of their membership. From hosting community events to visiting libraries, we suggest effective use of OCLC services, facilitate dialog among OCLC members, and gather feedback to help OCLC respond to members’ goals and challenges. Your Member Relations team of librarians will help you make sure you are getting the most out of your OCLC membership and expand your regional connections with other members, providing you with more opportunities to participate in and contribute to successful communities of practice. The team learns from you—to get a sense of how OCLC can better meet your needs and to keep you informed and engaged in the OCLC cooperative.

In addition to working with individual members, the team also works directly with groups and consortia throughout their regions. The team works to connect your consortia, group or library network to the OCLC cooperative. From finding speakers, co-hosting OCLC events, connecting to free OCLC training, research or product areas, or just making sure you are in loop on Cooperative activities and news, we are here to help. We are happy to work with your group to find opportunities to collaborate with OCLC on projects or programs, or to assist in finding the right connections to OCLC staff.

Attendees pose for a photo during an OCLC Member Forum in Macon, Georgia.

To contact OCLC Member Relations, please call 800-848-5878, or send an e-mail to memberrelations@oclc.org.

  • Pamela Bailey

    Pamela Bailey

  • Meryl Cinnamon

    Meryl Cinnamon

  • Rob Favini

    Rob Favini

  • Irene Hoffman

    Irene Hoffman

  • Nancy Lensenmayer

    Nancy Lensenmayer

  • Christina Rodriques

    Christina Rodriques

  • Susan Saggio

    Susan Saggio

  • Julie Seuront

    Julie Seuront


Member leaders

The Global & Regional Councils, Americas Regional Council (ARC), Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC) and Europe, Middle East, and Africa Regional Council (EMEARC), is composed of representatives from member libraries. Contact a delegate from your region with suggestions, ideas or questions.

See your member leaders

Representatives chat during an OCLC Global Council meeting.


Looking for technical product support?

Use the support form or Call OCLC Customer Support:

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 +  1-800-848-5800 (USA)