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Member stories

Hear from fellow members about their experience implementing WorldCat Local

Boise State University
View [Streaming Media, 22 minutes]

View [Streaming media, 11 minutes]

Saint Xavier University Library
View [Streaming media, 20 minutes]

University of California
View [Streaming media, 22 minutes]

University of Delaware
View [Streaming media, 17 minutes]


Concordia University College at Alberta
Listen [MP3, 50 minutes]

Holy Names University
Listen [MP3, 32 minutes]

McGill University
Listen [MP3, 33 minutes]

Ohio State University
Listen [MP3, 22 minutes]

Saint Xavier University Library
Listen [MP3, 44 minutes]


York St. John University (U.K.)
Read the case study [PDF, 713K]

College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University
Read the case study [PDF, 36K]

Lincoln Trail Libraries System
Read the case study [PDF, 107K]

Macalester College
Read the case study [PDF, 174K]

McGill University
Read the case study [PDF, 49K]

Norwich University
Read the case study [PDF, 138K]

University of Delaware
Read the case study [PDF, 171K]


Members also share their successes and stories through the occasional Webinar series "Tips for a successful WorldCat Local introduction."

Saint Xavier University Library Webinar presentation, 13 May 2010.
Listen [Streaming media, 57 minutes]

Boise State University Webinar presentation, 29 April 2010.
View [Streaming Media, 56 minutes]


“WorldCat Local has transformed the way our students look for information—there's one place to look for articles, databases, books and videos… our interlibrary loan rates have skyrocketed.”

Mark Vargas, speaking about their WorldCat Local implementation