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Claire Cocco, a graduate of Northwestern University, has been working on Web-based content delivery systems and applications since 1994. She joined DiMeMa, Inc. in 2002 as the CONTENTdm Product Manager and was part of the core team that evolved the software from a University-based research project to the leading digital collection management software application for libraries, museums and archives. Claire joined OCLC in 2006 when OCLC acquired DiMeMa and the CONTENTdm software. She is now the Director of Digital Collection Services and oversees OCLC’s products and services that support the complete digital lifecycle. Originally from Seattle, Claire currently works out of her home in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Claire presents on topics related to OCLC digital strategy, the digital lifecycle and libraries, CONTENTdm, and the OCLC Digital Collection Gateway.