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Digital Archive

Secure, managed storage for digital preservation

The Digital Archive provides a secure storage environment for you to easily manage and monitor the health of your master files and digital originals.

It provides a foundation for digital preservation of all your digital collections. It stores master files and digital originals in a secure, managed and separate environment whether you've built your digital collections using CONTENTdm or another local access repository. What's more, the Digital Archive provides tiered pricing to grow with you as your digital collections grow.

Secure, managed storage

The Digital Archive is a specially designed system in a controlled operating environment dedicated to the ongoing managed storage of digital content. We have developed specific systems process and procedures for the Digital Archive tuned to the management of data for the long term.

Automated monitoring and reports

From the time your content arrives, our systems begin inspecting it to ensure that what you sent us is what you’ll get back in the future. On the day your content is ingested to the Digital Archive, our systems perform quality checks and record the results in a “health record” for each file. Our automated systems revisit these quality checks periodically so you receive up to date reports on the health of your collection. We provide monthly updated information for all your collections on your personal archive report portal.

Simple, straightforward workflows

The Digital Archive provides a cost-effective, managed storage environment for digital master files that fits in with the several workflows for acquiring digital content.

  • For users of CONTENTdm (either hosted or direct), the Digital Archive is an optional capability integrated with the various workflows for building collections. Master files are secured for ingest to the Archive using the CONTENTdm Project Client, the Connexion digital import capability and the Web Harvesting service.
  • For users of other content management systems, the Digital Archive provides a low-overhead mechanism for safely storing master files.

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“These new digital preservation tools represent a whole new world.”

—George Barnum, Electronic Collection Manager
U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) Library Programs Service, Washington, DC.

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