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Starting Point URL

A Starting Point URL is a URL that provides proxied access to an electronic resource that corresponds to a database stanza in the config.txt file.

A starting point URL consists of two parts, the proxy prefix and the target URL. The proxy prefix identifies your server, and it will always be the same. The target URL is the unique URL of the resource to which you are directing your users and providing proxied access. This URL must be configured correctly in your config.txt file for this starting point URL to work.

The following are two examples of starting point URLs:



This starting point URL can be broken down in the following parts:

You can use this formula:

Proxy Prefix + Target URL

to create links to the URL for any of the resources licensed by your institution. However, to ensure your users will be able to access these resources through EZproxy, you will need to configure these resources correctly in your config.txt. For a more detailed discussion of the relationship between starting point URLs and database stanzas, please see Understanding URLs & Database Stanzas and Starting Point URLs and config.txt.

This page last revised: April 6, 2015