Deleting Items

You must search for the item or compound object that you wish to delete. If you are deleting a compound object, you must first decide whether you want to delete the compound object (and leave the subpages) or delete the compound object and its subpages. This is set at the top of the results page, under delete mode. Caution: Once you select a delete mode, it affects all delete operations within the editing function.

You can delete all items in the results page or you can delete one item or compound object at a time.

Note: To avoid server timeouts and maintain acceptable performance, we recommend you delete in batches of less than about 2,500 items at a time. (Or your administrator could configure server timeouts to handle larger batches.)

Note: When you delete a PDF compound object, you delete all pages of the PDF compound object. The delete modes do not apply because the individual pages of PDF files do not exist separately on the server; they are extracted and displayed only when the user requests them. To delete individual pages of PDF compound objects, you must delete the compound object from the collection, remove the pages in the original PDF file, and import the file again.

To delete items within a results screen:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration. Then, click on the Items tab and click Edit.

  2. Type your search criteria in one or more of the text boxes. You can search across all fields, search selected fields, or search by proximity. If you wish to browse the entire collection, click Browse Collection.

  3. Click Search. The results page opens.

  4. If you are planning to delete a compound object, select whether you want to Delete compound object only or Delete compound object and its subpages. The mode you select applies to all delete operations in the Edit section.

  5. If you wish to delete all items, click Delete All.

    If you only wish to delete one item, find the item or compound object that you wish to delete and click Delete in the row of the item or compound object.

    If you wish to delete selected items, click the checkboxes next to the items that you wish to delete and click Delete from the menu directly above the search results. This delete function only deletes items selected on the current page.

  6. A dialog box asks you to confirm that you wish to delete item(s).

    Click OK.

A page opens with the message that the item(s) has been marked for deletion. The collection must then be indexed for the items to be deleted from the collection.