Get ready for the new

Get ready for the new

OCLC has reimagined how people find libraries online with a new user experience, more ways to engage, and better connections from where people start their searches.

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A small time commitment ensures that your library and collections are presented accurately and that more information seekers connect with libraries online.

Extend the reach and influence of your collections

Update your library information in the WorldCat® registry

Update your library information in the WorldCat® registry.

The WorldCat registry links people from to your catalog. And a current address enables your location to display in the interface. Manage library catalog links and information like your institution’s address, email, and phone number in the WorldCat registry area of OCLC Service Configuration.

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Open your library to the world

Update your WorldCat holdings

Update your WorldCat holdings.

Accurate holdings in WorldCat and registration of your electronic collections in the WorldCat knowledge base ensure that people can find and access your library’s resources. Request a streamlined holdings update process—a free, limited time offer with any OCLC cataloging subscription—and learn about using automated holdings feeds to maintain holdings for your e-resources collections.

Learn how to update holdings

Learn about automated holdings feeds

Transform more lives, one search at a time

community centered libraries

Update your library profile. now includes more features to help engage with the communities you serve. Ensure your profile is up to date and, while you're logged in, migrate existing lists to the new site and create lists to highlight what's special about your collections.

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Join the “know more” challenge

Complete the updates mentioned above and your library could be featured by OCLC.

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The site is currently in beta and will launch to all users later this year with promotions that highlight libraries and their collections.