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Together, anything is possible

Everything we do begins and ends with helping libraries thrive. This commitment improves all libraries’ global presence and each library’s ability to deliver meaningful local service. We’re focused on the future with investment in global research, new technology solutions, and opportunities for collaboration.

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20 years of library staff learning

Since 2003, WebJunction® has helped more than 215,000 library staff build knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver transformational services. Our course catalog contains hundreds of on-demand courses and curated webinar recordings. And we add idea-rich resources every month.

New Community Center coming soon

The OCLC Community Center is an active hub for information and conversations around product updates, materials, and events. And it’s getting even better.

OCLC Research reports
OCLC Research reports

Trends with impact

Our researchers collaborate with libraries from around the world to produce knowledge, evidence, and models that accelerate and expand library learning, innovation, and collaboration.

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