EMEA Regional Council Meeting, Italy

We have greater impact when we collaborate. As OCLC, libraries come together as a network to address shared challenges and opportunities at scale.Share this on Twitter.

Whether we’re supporting discoveries on the leading edge of science or helping children build a strong learning foundation, shared knowledge is the common thread. Together we connect people to the world’s collected knowledge and, in doing so, ignite research, learning and innovation.

Because what is known must be shared.SM

Together we make breakthroughs possible.

“I started linking books to sites where people could purchase the #CharlestonSyllabus resources, but one of the librarians suggested that we link them directly to WorldCat.org. That makes sense because you don’t have to purchase a book; you can just show up at a local library and borrow it.”

Keisha Blain
Contributor to #CharlestonSyllabus, Assistant Professor of History, University of Iowa, USA

In the wake of the racially motivated violence in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, scholars and librarians collaborated on a bibliography to inform ongoing conversations about race relations. The vision is that by sharing knowledge in this way, new understanding, approaches and change can occur.

Remarkable things can happen when knowledge is accessible to all. Libraries fuel learning, research and innovation.

Maintaining and growing
a strong, global library community

User Group Gathering, WorldShare Management Services, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Madeleine Lefebvre

“Members share basic values of what a library is about and wants to achieve. As OCLC, we can and do achieve what we couldn’t do separately.”

Madeleine Lefebvre
Americas Regional Council Delegate; Chief Librarian, Ryerson University, Canada

A growing membership

61 new members 11 new countries

New countries represented: Algeria, Cameroon, Croatia, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Nepal, Portugal, Saint Lucia, Zimbabwe

Existing member country
New member country

16,912 members in
118 countries

Clarkston Independence District Library, Clarkston, Michigan, USA

A diverse membership

Public Libraries

College and University Libraries

School Libraries

Federal, State and Municipal Government

Corporate and Business

Community College and Vocational

Foundations and Associations

Association of Research Libraries

State and National Libraries


A commitment to sharing

Top ten
lending members

Items lent FY2015  
Minitex 60,596
University of Texas at Austin 39,272
University of Chicago 39,079
University of Michigan 36,012
Indiana University 34,135
University of Wisconsin–Madison 34,099
Pennsylvania State University 32,754
The Ohio State University 32,398
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign 31,965
Texas A&M University 24,558

Top ten
online original catalogers

Original records added FY2015  
University of Hong Kong 71,280
National Central Library (Taiwan) 38,151
McGill University 36,817
National Agriculture Library 24,348
National Taiwan University 23,096
National Library Board, Singapore 20,066
New York Public Library 13,776
US Government Publishing Office 11,036
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign 10,999
Thammasat University Library 10,950

Creating impact
both locally and globally

2015 IFLA/OCLC Fellows, OCLC Global Council Meeting
Jacques Malschaert

“Membership empowers librarians to share their views, challenges and opportunities. Working together enables us to achieve more for the future of libraries.”

Jacques Malschaert
EMEA Regional Council Delegate; Director Bibliotheekservice Fryslân, the Netherlands

An engaged membership

Members have many opportunities to contribute their voice to OCLC. Three Regional Councils—Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific—serve to identify local needs and opportunities, fostering collaboration among members and visibility on a global scale. Global Council brings these worldwide viewpoints together, informing and guiding the cooperative with this unique perspective. Over 1,000 people participated in Regional Council meetings in FY2015. In addition, Member Forums held in 25 cities in the US and Canada hosted more than 1,500 librarians, who shared ideas and discussed needs with colleagues and OCLC staff.

EMEA 3,871 members in 69 countries
Americas 11,244 members in 28 countries
Asia Pacific 1,797 members in 21 countries

A record 326 people from 39 countries gathered in Florence, Italy, to attend the sixth EMEA Regional Council Meeting.

The Asia Pacific Regional Council Membership Conference was held in Jeju, South Korea. Attendees included 270 librarians from 12 countries and territories.

The Americas Regional Council Annual Meeting, held at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Chicago in the US, drew 497 attendees, including 297 virtual participants.

the community

Asia Pacific Regional Council Membership Conference, South Korea
Sandra Yee

“We all have a stake in our collective future. Our OCLC relationship is unique—by coming together, we have the ability and the responsibility to chart our course as a broader community. Every member has a voice and an opportunity to contribute and to lead.”

Sandra Yee
Chair, OCLC Board of Trustees; Dean of University Libraries & School of Library and Information Science, Wayne State University, USA

Dynamic leadership

Members contribute to the future of OCLC by participating in governance. Member libraries have a voice through their elected representatives.

New Global Council leaders

In FY2015, each Regional Council elected member representatives to Global Council. These 51 leaders represent the voices and perspectives of all members.

Anja Smit

Anja Smit
Global Council President
University Librarian, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Peter Sidorko

Peter Sidorko
Global Council Vice President / President-elect
Director, University Librarian, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Newly elected Board member

The 14-member Board of Trustees shapes OCLC’s vision and includes nine librarians, six of whom are elected by the Global Council. In FY2015, Global Council elected one new member to the OCLC Board of Trustees. Barbara Preece’s term begins in November 2015.

Barbara Preece

Barbara Preece
OCLC Board of Trustees
Director, Loyola/Notre Dame Library, USA

2014-2015 OCLC Board of Trustees

The 2014–2015 OCLC Board of Trustees

Front row, left to right:

Jennifer Younger
Executive Director
Catholic Research Resources Alliance

Brady J. Deaton*
Chancellor Emeritus
University of Missouri

Kathleen Keane*
Johns Hopkins University Press

Sandra Yee
Chair, OCLC Board of Trustees
Dean of University Libraries & School of Library and Information Science
Wayne State University

Skip Prichard
President and CEO

Barbara Lison
Bremen Public Library

David Roselle
Vice Chair, OCLC Board of Trustees
Winterthur Museum and Country Estate

Back row, left to right:

John Szabo*
City Librarian
Los Angeles Public Library

Loretta Parham
CEO and Director
Woodruff Library, Atlanta University Center

John R. Patrick
Attitude LLC

Ellen Tise*
Senior Director: Library and Information Services
JS Gericke Library
Stellenbosch University
South Africa

James G. Neal
University Librarian Emeritus
Columbia University

Cindy Hilsheimer
Managing Principal

Berndt Dugall
Direktor a.D./Librarian
Universitätsbibliothek Johann Senckenberg
Universität Frankfurt

Brian E. C. Schottlaender
The Audrey Geisel University Librarian
University of California, San Diego Libraries

* New Trustees as of November 2014