Now Playing: Finding a Common Language

If you missed our recent webinar on Finding a Common Language you can now view the full recording.

This webinar was a follow up to our popular Software Development Practices series and addressed some of the communication problems that can occur in software development projects. From knowing how to articulate a problem in bite sized pieces to thinking through expected behavior and prioritizing wants and needs, this presentation is designed to provide a boost to anyone working with coders or development projects.

Our second webinar in the series, How to Code for Users, is scheduled for tomorrow, November 20 at 1pm ET. We'll cover some testing methodologies and how to test your new code’s behavior against the goals and experiences defined in user stories and acceptance criteria. Registration is free and stil open.

We look forward to your feedback and questions. The wc-devnet-l list (subscribe here) is a great place to start sharing your ideas and collaborating with the community. We're happy to respond to your questions there as well.

You can also revisit our original Software Development Practices posts: