Enhancements Planned for September 14

In addition to the upcoming VIAF changes we shared last week (currently planned for September 16), a separate  release on September 14 will bring enhancements to a couple of our WorldShare Web services:

Interlibrary Loan Policies Directory

We have changed the mediatype for Atom-wrapped JSON responses from "application/json" to "application/atom+json". This change is backward compatible - users can continue using “application/json” as needed for the time being - but we do recommend incorporating this mediatype change soon.  

WMS Vendor Information Center API

We have updated the schema for this API and there are two particular changes users should note:

  • for element loginType (in links and logins), enumeration value changed from “others” to “other”
  • for element baseDeliveryMethod, we removed the value “edi” and added the value “do_not_send”

Please drop us a note if you have any questions.