Join us at the Web Service Keys for APIs Workshop on 9 December 2013

What questions do you have about WSKeys?

Depending on your level of expertise with authentication, you might be wondering anything from how you pronounce “WSKey” to how we support authentication for multiple types of clients: server-side scripts, client-scripts, mobile devices. We spend a lot of time anticipating your questions and thinking about what would make it easier for you to implement WSkeys in order to use our web services. We're even working on client libraries and example code in several languages.

You may have read our blog post series on Authentication and Authorization and want to know implementation details. So how about a little show and tell?

Join us on Monday, December 9th at 1pm (EST) for the third webinar in our API workshop series: Web Service Keys for APIs Workshop

Steve Meyer will lead this workshop where we’ll cover WSKey authentication for everybody. As with our previous workshops (WorldCat Metadata API, WorldCat Knowledge Base API), we’ll include some explanation, code walk through, and time for Q&A, all in an hour.

Registration is free and open now.