Join Us at the LibHack Hackathon on Jan 24, 2014

I hope you have seen the announcement from Library Code Year Interest Group (LCY IG) about the ALA Midwinter Hackathon on January 24th.  All of us here at Developer Network are excited to be partnering with LCY IG on this event, just one of their efforts to provide opportunities for librarians to improve computing and coding skills. I talked with Emily Flynn, one of the group’s co-chairs, and am happy to let you in on our recent conversation.

Hi Emily! Thanks for doing this interview about the ALA Midwinter Hackathon! We’re pretty excited to be part of this event. What do you have planned for the day?

We will hack on the OCLC WorldCat Search API and DPLA API, creating useful library solutions. API experts and mentors, including Steve Meyer and Roy Tennant, will prep participants for the day and give guidance during the event. There are opportunities to work in a group or as individuals in a focused, supportive atmosphere.

So there will be something for both beginner and experienced coders?

We encourage anyone interested to attend, from techie librarians to those who want to work on their coding skills.

I know it’s important to have plenty of mentors for people who are just starting to code. How can the Developer Network community help?

Please volunteer to attend as a helper or just register to attend and enjoy the day hacking with us.

We definitely hope to see some familiar faces there. Anything else we should know about the Midwinter Hackathon?

LCY IG Midwinter Hackathon is a dedicated time and place for librarians with the same purpose to come together and hack for better libraries.

Let’s just remind everyone of the details and where to register.

This application programming interface (API) hackathon is all day Friday January 24th, 2014 and we’re excited to be hosted at the new Special Collections Center at the University of Pennsylvania. People can learn more about the event and register at Follow us on Twitter: @LibHack2014.

Coffee, lunch, and a t-shirt are included in registration fee.

Thanks, Emily! We can't want to see what mashups people create with the WorldCat Search API! See you in Philadelphia!