Updates to the WorldCat Registry APIs

There have been enhancements made recently to the WorldCat Registry to include new data elements. These new elements help support OCLC Web-Scale Management Services and mobile-specific functionality, including:
• There are changes to schemas and XML output for active and in-active records. The logical delete flag has moved to be an attribute within the Institution element.
• Better information about a library's online catalog including whether or not it is publically available or via an intranet only
• All index search in SRU has been expanded to pull from many more fields than previously, giving you more potential matches for data

We're working on including fields for open hours and time zones in the Registry web service.  As soon as those fields are available, we'll let you know.

Additional functionality added to the WorldCat Registry
There are also new feature enhancements available, such as the ability to:
• Prevent duplicate entries for your institution
• View Registry records on a map and correct longitude and latitude
• View a listing of all authorized users for your institution
• View and update branches and affiliations on one page, and automatically relate records to each other
• Detect IP address duplicates

Create, update and edit functionality moved

Finally, with these enhancements there was also a practical move of where to update your library's WorldCat Registry information. If you maintain this information, you'll want to go to OCLC Service Configuration to update, create or edit it. The WorldCat Registry page now becomes view-only. This move helps streamline efforts to maintain data and supports OCLC’s strategic move to a new platform-based architecture in which WorldCat Registry information and other data services can be surfaced in multiple ways.