WorldCat Mashathon UK - A quick overview

Last week the Developer Network and Liverpool John Moores University hosted a WorldCat Mashathon in Liverpool at Parr St Studios in conjunction with the Liver & Mash Mashed Libraries event. The event was attended by 28 participants from a variety of libraries and OCLC UK. Group photo participants OCLC Mashathon, Liverpool 2010 Photo by Bruce Washburn on Flickr The mashathon had a great deal of discuss about the various web services. Because of participant interest, I ended up talking about several newer services which we hadn't planned on covering. which is the top three levels of the Dewey Classification system as Linked Data and (Virtual International Authority File) which brings together authority data from libraries several national libraries around the world, were both of interest. As was the QuestionPoint Knowledge base web service. One day mashathons are always harder on the participants because there is less time to create functional code. Still we had two participants who were able to generate some basic code. George Bingham from the OCLC UK OLIB team, used WorldCat Identities to enhance the authority list display in the OLIB OPAC. Both by linking from the authority screen to Identities and by incorporating information from Identities into the authority screen. John Salter from the University of Leeds, used the xISBN service to find various editions of a book to place into their Reading List system. Using xISBN he could indicate in a reading list that a newer addition of the book existed and could be ordered. In addition, my colleague Bruce Washburn was able to spend some time working on his "Wise Guy" app for Android phones. Wise Guy uses the relatively new QuestionPoint Knowledge base web service. The app takes a term and finds a random question and answer pair within the QuestionPoint Knowledge base which match the term. Other mashathon participants kicked around ideas for applications but didn't complete writing code. In particular Julian Cheal from UKOLN had idea of mashing up date from WorldCat Search API, and Netflix to provide access to movies with a particular actor or actress which was quite interesting.
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