VIAF now includes Corporate Names

For those you who haven't seen Thom Hickey's blog post, VIAF not includes corporate names. Conference names, which strongly overlap corporate names, are included in VIAF's corporate names. The corporate matching is not as mature as personal names, and OCLC will be refining it over the coming months. We know there are errors and would appreciate it if you would report any errors you see to help us improve the matching. To accommodate corporate names, indexes for just corporate and just personal names have been added. In addition an 'exact name' match has been added. This is a very specific search since it only matches preferred forms. It is possible to use truncation in this index by adding a '*': Tillett, b* (returns,+b*%22&stylesheet=/viaf/xsl/results.xsl ) There have been a number of other updates to VIAF which were posted to the Developer Network listserv. We'll be updating the Developer Network documentation on VIAF to reflect these changes.

  • Karen Coombs

    Karen Coombs

    Senior Product Analyst