Recent relevant readings

In case you missed the couple of articles that have come out recently, wanted to call out your attention to a couple of them: OCLC Opens up WorldCat through APIs Marshall Breeding gives a good review of OCLC Web Services, including the WorldCat Search API. Of course, being a Developer Network member and blog reader, you probably know all of this. But if you were looking for an article to give to your manager/Director for WHY you should spend more time on investigating cool mashups and potential usages of OCLC's different APIs, this might be a good one to start with. ( reposted from ALA TechSource, who reposted from the February 2010 issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter). Querying OCLC Web Services for Name, Subject, and ISBN A nice article from Ya'aqov Ziso, Ralph LeVan, and Eric Lease Morgan---you'll learn more about OCLC Terminology Services, WorldCat Identities and see a few quick implementations for the services, such as Send it to Me. Note that all three writers were attendees at the inaugural mashathon in New York in November 2008! (Of course, since Ralph is from OCLC, he's also attended most of the others, too...) ( reposted from The Code4Lib Journal).