Recent enhancements made to the WorldCat Search API

All you Developer Network listserv watchers--which I assume is most of you--you will already have heard this news about the WorldCat Search API. But for the rest of us, just in case you missed it when it went out in September... For the record, the WorldCat Search API was enhanced to make a few updates and corrections. Here's the list: 1) The LCCN provided in the RSS and Atom formats now works correctly for all LCCNs including those with one or two character prefixes. 2) The MLA formatted citations now provides the "type of material" at the end of the citation as dictated by the MLA 7th edition. 3) JSON library requests will handle quotes within the data correctly. 4) Library names that have diacritics will once again display correctly. Any questions, please use the WorldCat Search API "group" discussion on the Developer Network site.