How to Request a WSKey

WSKey Overview

Web service keys, commonly referred to as WSKeys, are the primary method used for authenticating and authorizing interactions with web services available on the OCLC WorldShare Platform. WSKeys authenticate clients sending requests to web services, in effect, creating a “secure pipe” between a remote client and the data and functionality available on the Platform. This means a couple of things that you should be aware of as you register:

  • Requests for Production WSKeys must go through a validation process to verify your standing in relation to either your organization or the data you want to access, or both.
  • You can request a single WSKey for one or many services. (You can also choose to have a separate WSKey for each service by filling out separate WSKey requests.)

WSKeys are requested from our Developer Network WSKey user interface. You login with your OCLC Services Account or user account. Please note that only Sandbox WSKeys can be requested using a account. To obtain a Production WSKey, you must use an OCLC Services Account. See our FAQs for more information about account types.

To request a WSKey, select "Request a Production WSKey" or "Request a Sandbox WSKey" from the page navigation and fill out the form. Select Sandbox if you are exploring an API for the first time. Production WSKeys can access and in some cases modify the data your library uses to run its operations.

Request Form Walk Through

Here are a couple of tips for understanding the information you will need to tell us:

Info Requested Explanation and Tips
Services (required) Select the API(s) you are are requesting that this WSKey have access to. You may request a WSKey with access to one or more services.
WSKey name (required)

Provide a name that will help you identify this WSKey in the "WSKeys" tab. This could be, for example, the name of the project or application you're working on.

Reason Provide an explanation of what you are trying to do. If there is any confusion about your request, this will help us configure your key more quickly
Context Institution ID (required) For Production WSKeys, select the Registry ID of the institution whose data the WSKey should have access to. For Sandbox WSKeys, this Registry ID is 128807 (the OCLC Platform Sandbox Institution / OCLC Symbol OCPSB).
Redirect URI You only need to enter this if you are using one of our OAuth 2 flows. Leave this blank if you are unsure and it can be updated later if needed.  

Terms & Conditions

Prior to submitting your WSKey request, you must explicitly verify that you have read the Terms & Conditions that are in place between OCLC and the institution for which you are acting. As you select Services for your WSKey, links to the appropriate Terms and Conditions will appear at the bottom of the form for you to review.

Next Steps

Once you have completed the form, you may be able to view your WSKey right away. Some requests will require processing time. In any case, when your WSKey is available, you will receive an email at the address associated with the account you used to log in.

You can learn more about WSKeys here. See our Authentication page for more information about how to use your WSKey.