Browse the site, lurk on our list, or be seen and heard. Anyone interested in OCLC Web services can take their pick of opportunities to participate in the Developer Network community.



Being an active participant on the listserv helps the whole Developer Network community. Beyond sharing your hard-earned tips and tricks, your voice can often inspire others to think about a different approach to a common problem. 

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Show your work.

Whether you've created an application, code library, tutorial, or documentation—sharing it here makes it easier for the next person to stand on your shoulders as they build their project.

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Show and tell.

Let us know if you have a topic of interest to the community, and you might become our guest blogger for the week. Or, volunteer to share your technical expertise through a technical workshop sponsored by the OCLC Developer Network. 

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You talk, we listen.

We'd love to hear your suggestions to make using our Web services easier, the documentation more useful, or the site itself more intuitive. Tell us your ideas about how we can keep the community more up-to-date, activities that will bring us together in a fun way, or events you'd like to participate in.

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