Access Options API

Embed options for obtaining needed items, like e-resources and open access materials, in end user search results.

  • Status: Production
  • Sandbox access: No

What You Get

The Access Options API allows you to embed options for obtaining needed items in end user search results:

  • Get the appropriate catalog link for a bibliographic record at a specific library
  • Get a list of open access links associated with a given oclcNumber or oclcNumbers
  • Get a list of e-resource links for a bibliographic record contextualized to a specific library by registryId, oclcSymbol or IP address
  • Get local services links for a specific library by registryId, oclcSymbol or IP address

This API is part of the WorldCat Discovery Premium API package that allows you to build and customize a full-featured discovery layer, enrich the discovery of collections on your website, and extend discovery to other websites, systems, and devices. Other APIs included in this package:

Who Can Use It

  • Libraries that maintain a WorldCat Discovery Premium subscription
  • Libraries that maintain a WorldShare Management Services (WMS) subscription