OCT 12

Digging deeper into what makes WMS unique: Managing resource sharing with WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

A 30-minute webinar on how to simplify your library's interlibrary loan (ILL) management with WorldShare ILL, a part of OCLC's WorldShare Management Services (WMS)


During this session, we will dig into how WorldShare ILL:

  • Streamlines ILL management with a single, shared interface, allowing you to easily click between the ILL, Circulation, and Acquisitions modules
  • Enhances efficiency with the integration of the WorldCat knowledge base, making it easier to handle requests for knowledge base titles, plus store ILL terms of use in knowledge base collections to easily deflect lending request for e-resources titles
  • Enables you to quickly deliver articles and book chapters—some in as little as 15 minutes—using smart fulfillment functionality such as automation and the Express program
  • Offers an OpenURL-based ILL request form, allowing you to add ILL request buttons in any library database or discovery service, including WorldCat Discovery and

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12 Oktober 2023


12 Oktober 2023