Chip Nilges

Vice President, Business Development

Chip Nilges

Chip Nilges is Vice President, Business Development, and is responsible for OCLC’s content strategy, which includes OCLC FirstSearch online reference service and the OCLC Electronic Collections Online service. Chip was formerly Vice President, New Product Planning, and before that was Executive Director, OCLC WorldCat Content and Global Access. He joined OCLC in 1994 and has held several key roles, including leadership of FirstSearch, new products and WorldCat content. Chip holds a master’s degree in business administration, a master’s in English, and a bachelor’s degree in English, all from Ohio State University.

With a view on both the business and technical aspects of libraries and library services, Chip speaks on the future of the industry and technology trends, Library 2.0 and OCLC’s flagship products, including WorldCat and eContent offerings.

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