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  • George Needham

George Needham

Vice President, Global and Regional Councils

George Needham

George Needham is Vice President for Global and Regional Councils at OCLC in Dublin, Ohio, a position he’s held since March 1999. His responsibilities include OCLC’s Global and Regional Councils, and the OCLC Library. He is an occasional contributor to The OCLC Cooperative Blog.

A librarian for more than 30 years, George has worked in a variety of settings: at three public libraries, as state librarian of Michigan, and in several library-related nonprofit organizations. He holds MLS and BA degrees from the University at Buffalo, New York, and has taken additional courses at Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University. His sole brush with nonlibrary fame was as a two-time champion on the television show Jeopardy in 1994.

George is a dynamic speaker and presents on a variety of topics with humor. George is an avid blogger and can easily speak to developments in social networking, gaming and other online activities, as well as general trends in librarianship. George speaks often on all of OCLC’s membership reports, including The Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition, Perceptions of Libraries and Information Services, Sharing, Privacy and Trust in our Networked World and Perceptions of Libraries, 2010.

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