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Cindy Altick Cunningham is Director of Partner Programs at OCLC. She was a newspaper reporter and editor before becoming a librarian at the University of Washington’s Graduate School for Library and Information Science (now Ischool). Following her graduation, Cindy worked for the Library of Congress; for the University of Washington at the graduate, undergraduate and law libraries; and was Associate Director for Public Services at Kitsap Regional Library. In 1998, she went to Amazon and served in a variety of roles, including leading a team of product catalog engineers. In 2004, she went to Corbis where she served as Director of Catalog and Metadata before coming to OCLC in 2008. Cindy has served as vice president and president of the Washington Library Association and as president of the board for World Corps. She has spoken at numerous local and national conferences on the topic of libraries, e-commerce, and search.

With a strong background in media and technology as well as librarianship, Cindy speaks on topics related to the future of cataloging and how images, archives and various formats fit into our “digital future.”