CONTENTdm® Tutorials

Getting Started

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Guide to CONTENTdm Documentation

(147k - PDF)

Get an overview of the resources available to help you build digital collections with CONTENTdm.

Jumpstart My Website

(80k - PDF)

Get started branding and tailoring your website.

Jumpstart My First Collection

(101k - PDF)

Get started building your first website.

Collection Building Overview

(101k - PDF)

Get started building collections using the Project Client

Sample items

(3.4MB - ZIP)


Building Your First Collection

(417k - PDF)

Create projects and import items to build your first collection.

Chinese (Traditional) Version

(120k - PDF)
Thai Version

(118k - PDF)


Implement Checklist

(49k - PDF)

Implementing your digital library with CONTENTdm.

Creating & Managing Text Collections

(82k - PDF)

Follow these guidelines for creating and managing text collections using CONTENTdm.

Getting Started with Google Analytics in CONTENTdm

(949k - PDF)

Learn how to use Google Analytics to gain insight into how your CONTENTdm collections are being used.


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Controlled Vocabulary

(432k - PDF)

Enable controlled vocabularies in your collections   12/31/15

Using the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway

(2.0 MB - PDF)

Upload your metadata to WorldCat to broaden the visibility of your CONTENTdm collections.   12/31/15

Best Practices for CONTENTdm and other OAI Compliant repositories: creating shareable metadata

(753KB - PDF)

Learn about guidelines for configuring collection fields.   06/20/13

Sample Metadata Schemas for CONTENTdm Image and Text Collections

(591KB - PDF)

Provides sample metadata schemas for CONTENTdm collections.   12/31/15

Getting Started with CONTENTdm Catcher

(126KB - PDF)

Describes how to use CONTENTdm Catcher to batch load and edit metadata using a standard XML-based method

Catcher Sample Script (.cs in .zip)

Catcher Sample Script (.java)

Catcher Sample Script (.php in .zip)


Working with Content Types

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Image Rights Options: Using Bands, Brands, and Watermarks

(458k - PDF)

Display ownership or copyright information on items within collections   01/04/16

Archiving Full Resolution Images

(785 KB - PDF)

Provide access to full resolution images within the online collection, or archive full resolution files offline   01/04/16

Video Best Practices

(630k - PDF)

Solutions for common video performance problems   04/28/15

Working with Audio and Video Files

(140k - PDF)

Special considerations when working with audio and video files   02/01/17

Using PDF Files in CONTENTdm

(750KB- PDF)

How to use the features for display and efficient processing of born-digital documents in Portable Document Format (PDF)   02/01/17

Adding EAD-Encoded Finding Aids in CONTENTdm

(888k - PDF)

How to work with Encoded Archival Description (EAD) finding aids in CONTENTdm Sample EAD file (81l - PDF) 01/07/16

Managing & Presenting Digital Newspapers

(160k - PDF)

Provides tips for using CONTENTdm features and options to facilitate digital newspaper management   02/01/17

Creating a Yearbook Collection Using CONTENTdm

(1.2MB - PDF)

Provides recommended digitization specifications for yearbooks and walks you through the steps to get your yearbook collection online   02/01/17

Importing Items & Creating Objects

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Creating Compound Objects (Documents, Monographs, Postcards, and Picture Cubes)

(917KB - PDF)

Use the Compound Object Wizard to quickly create compound objects   01/18/17

Creating Documents with Full-text Searching

(783KB - PDF)

Creating a document with fully searchable page text   02/01/12

Creating and Editing Compound Objects Using CONTENTdm Administration

(317k - PDF)

Use the CONTENTdm Administration Web-based interface to create and edit compound objects   02/01/17

Importing from Tab-delimited Files


Describes the process of creating a tab-delimited file from a MARC file, configuring and cleaning the data, and then adding the file to CONTENTdm   01/25/12

Performing Directory Uploads in CONTENTdm

(387k - PDF)

Upload items from a directory in CONTENTdm   10/31/11

Using the Add Compound Objects Wizard

(2.6MB - PDF)

Use the Add Compound Objects Wizard to create several compound objects at once Sample data
(9.5MB - ZIP)

Using Connexion Digital Import

(1MB - PDF)

Describes how to use CONTENTdm and the OCLC Connexion client to integrate digital collection creation with standard cataloging workflows Crosswalk Document (188k - PDF)

Getting Started with the CONTENTdm Flex Loader

(378KB - PDF)

Describes how to use the CONTENTdm Flex Loader client to batch import newspapers, monographs and eBooks   04/25/12


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Configuring & Customizing Your CONTENTdm Website

(685k - PDF)

Configuring and customizing using the Website Configuration Tool   01/08/13

Configuring Your Responsive CONTENTdm Website

(801k - PDF)

Configuring using the Responsive Website Configuration Tool   02/02/17

Upgrading to the Responsive CONTENTdm Website

(225k - PDF)

A discussion of various issues relating to configuration and customization that should be considered before you request to make the switch to the responsive CONTENTdm website.    03/06/17

Creating Maps in the CONTENTdm Website

(653k - PDF)

An overview of the process for creating custom maps on your responsive CONTENTdm website. With this tool you can display records that contain latitude/longitude as pins on a browsable map.   05/25/17

Embedding External Streams in the CONTENTdm Website

(235k - PDF)

An example JavaScript customization for embedding streams from YouTube or Vimeo in your CONTENTdm item viewer. This document describes the customization and contains a link to a functioning .js implementation.   05/25/2017

System Administration & User Management

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Last Updated

Managing User Rights

(123k - PDF)

Add users to CONTENTdm and assign them user rights   05/19/11

Implementing HTTPS

(44k - PDF)

Provides details on running the CONTENTdm Server and Website over HTTPS for administrative and authenticated users.   09/05/12