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Getting Started

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Jumpstart My Website Get started branding and tailoring your website.
Jumpstart My First Collection Get started building your first website.
Collection Building Overview Get started building collections using the Project Client

Sample items

(3.4MB - ZIP)


Building Your First Collection

(417k - PDF)

Create projects and import items to build your first collection.

Chinese (Traditional) Version

(120k - PDF)
Thai Version

(118k - PDF)


Implement Checklist

(49k - PDF)

Implementing your digital library with CONTENTdm.

Creating & Managing Text Collections

(82k - PDF)

Follow these guidelines for creating and managing text collections using CONTENTdm.
Getting Started with Google Analytics in CONTENTdm Learn how to use Google Analytics to gain insight into how your CONTENTdm collections are being used.


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Controlled Vocabulary

(432k - PDF)

Enable controlled vocabularies in your collections   12/31/15

Using the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway

(2.0 MB - PDF)

Upload your metadata to WorldCat to broaden the visibility of your CONTENTdm collections.   12/31/15
Best Practices for CONTENTdm and other OAI Compliant repositories: creating shareable metadata Learn about guidelines for configuring collection fields.   06/20/13

Sample Metadata Schemas for CONTENTdm Image and Text Collections

(591KB - PDF)

Provides sample metadata schemas for CONTENTdm collections.   12/31/15
Getting Started with CONTENTdm Catcher Describes how to use CONTENTdm Catcher to batch load and edit metadata using a standard XML-based method

Catcher Sample Script (.cs in .zip)

Catcher Sample Script (.java)

Catcher Sample Script (.php in .zip)


Working with Content Types

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Image Rights Options: Using Bands, Brands, and Watermarks

(458k - PDF)

Display ownership or copyright information on items within collections   01/04/16

Archiving Full Resolution Images

(785 KB - PDF)

Provide access to full resolution images within the online collection, or archive full resolution files offline   01/04/16

Video Best Practices

(630k - PDF)

Solutions for common video performance problems   04/28/15

Working with Audio and Video Files

(140k - PDF)

Special considerations when working with audio and video files   02/01/17

Using PDF Files in CONTENTdm

(750KB- PDF)

How to use the features for display and efficient processing of born-digital documents in Portable Document Format (PDF)   02/01/17

Adding EAD-Encoded Finding Aids in CONTENTdm

(888k - PDF)

How to work with Encoded Archival Description (EAD) finding aids in CONTENTdm Sample EAD file (81l - PDF) 01/07/16

Managing & Presenting Digital Newspapers

(160k - PDF)

Provides tips for using CONTENTdm features and options to facilitate digital newspaper management   02/01/17

Creating a Yearbook Collection Using CONTENTdm

(1.2MB - PDF)

Provides recommended digitization specifications for yearbooks and walks you through the steps to get your yearbook collection online   02/01/17

Importing Items & Creating Objects

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Creating Compound Objects (Documents, Monographs, Postcards, and Picture Cubes)

(917KB - PDF)

Use the Compound Object Wizard to quickly create compound objects   01/18/17

Creating Documents with Full-text Searching

(783KB - PDF)

Creating a document with fully searchable page text   02/01/12

Creating and Editing Compound Objects Using CONTENTdm Administration

(317k - PDF)

Use the CONTENTdm Administration Web-based interface to create and edit compound objects   02/01/17

Importing from Tab-delimited Files


Describes the process of creating a tab-delimited file from a MARC file, configuring and cleaning the data, and then adding the file to CONTENTdm   01/25/12

Performing Directory Uploads in CONTENTdm

(387k - PDF)

Upload items from a directory in CONTENTdm   10/31/11

Using the Add Compound Objects Wizard

(2.6MB - PDF)

Use the Add Compound Objects Wizard to create several compound objects at once Sample data
(9.5MB - ZIP)

Getting Started with the CONTENTdm Flex Loader

(378KB - PDF)

Describes how to use the CONTENTdm Flex Loader client to batch import newspapers, monographs and eBooks   04/25/12


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Configuring Your Responsive CONTENTdm Website Configuring using the Responsive Website Configuration Tool   02/02/17

Upgrading to the Responsive CONTENTdm Website

(225k - PDF)

A discussion of various issues relating to configuration and customization that should be considered before you request to make the switch to the responsive CONTENTdm website.    03/06/17

Creating Maps in the CONTENTdm Website

(653k - PDF)

An overview of the process for creating custom maps on your responsive CONTENTdm website. With this tool you can display records that contain latitude/longitude as pins on a browsable map.   05/25/17

Embedding External Streams in the CONTENTdm Website

(235k - PDF)

An example JavaScript customization for embedding streams from YouTube or Vimeo in your CONTENTdm item viewer. This document describes the customization and contains a link to a functioning .js implementation.   05/25/2017

System Administration & User Management

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Implementing HTTPS

(44k - PDF)

Provides details on running the CONTENTdm Server and Website over HTTPS for administrative and authenticated users.   09/05/12