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Keyword kw: desert+
Accession number no: pcfiwases3elsevier19951994se
BL location bl: q88/04009

Conference location cl: new delhi
Conference name cn: management
Conference name phrase cn= world environment congress
Conference sponsor sp: lunar
Conference sponsor phrase sp= lunar and planetary institute
Content type ct: abstracts
Content type phrase ct= printed papers
Date of conference dk: 1985
Editor ed: nicolis
Editor phrase ed= nicolis g
Identifier id: probability theory
Language phrase ln= spanish
Notes nt: food*
Publication date pd: 1994

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Publisher pb: cambridge
Standard number sn: 0001-2092

9780070435483 [ISBN]
Subject su: mathematical statistics
Subject phrase su= maternal nutrition
Table of Contents tc: foster
Table of Contents phrase tc= brain efflux pathways for gp120
Title ti: cannabinoids
Title phrase ti= symposium a la memoire de francois jaeger
Year yr: 1997