Authenticate Users (user.txt)

The EZproxy user.txt file is the place where you will customize your authentication settings to control who is able to access your proxied resources. The documentation linked from this page provides details about directives that can be used to customize your authentication settings, details about supported authentication methods, and additional authentication configurations.

The EZproxy Administration page is referenced and used by many of these authentication options. See EZproxy Administration for more information.

Note: All authentication methods and directives described in the pages linked below are compatible with EZproxy V5.7.44 or later unless otherwise noted.

EZproxy user.txt Directives

Common Conditions and Actions

Authentication Methods

Central Authentication Service (CAS)
DRA Web2
IMAP (e-mail server)
Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
LDAP (including Active Directory)
Library card numbers with a specific prefix
ODBC (EZproxy for Windows only)
POP (e-mail server)
Referring URL
SirsiDynix Horizon Information Portal 3.x
Text file
Virtual reference
Windows Domain (EZproxy for Windows only)
Custom Authentication
External Script

Additional Authentication Configurations

Limit Concurrent Logins
Multiple Authentication Servers

Technical Notes

Horizon Authentication with EZproxy for Windows and ODBC

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